803-806 MUSIC THEORY (I, II, III, IV) embraces the commonly-named music subjects such as: Solleggio, Sight-Singing, Harmony , Form and Analysis, and begin­ ning Counterpoint. The complete course leads to advanced study in Counter­ point and Composition. -Miss Morgan, Dr. Brignall 807-809 CONDUCTING (I, II, III) presents a complete study of all the rhythms used in conducting music, and technique of conducting choirs and other choral groups. Crowd psychology is considered as it relates to group singing. -Mr. Nichols 810-813 CHOIR METHODS AND MATERIALS (I, II, III, IV) analyzes the organization and conduct of choirs and other choral groups of all sizes. The art of select­ ing and using the best and most useful material of sacred music, including a complete study of the Oratorio, is followed by individual experience in di­ recting, and research under supervision. -Miss Morgan 814-815 GOSPEL SONG COMPOSITION (I, II) gives practice in the creation and in the writing of music and words for Gospel Songs of harmonic and me lodic strength. A public presentation of the work done in class concludes the year 's work. -Dr. Hooker 816-817 HYMNOLOGY (I, II) surveys the hymn material of the Church, past and present, through a study of the writers grouped by periods, and of the cir­ cumstances surround,ng the creation of the great hymns. -Miss Morgan 818-819 COUNTERPOINT (I, II) makes a study of the art of combining melodies. Work is done in free counterpoint culminating in original 2- and 3-part inventions -Dr. Brignall 820-821 COMPOSITION (I, II) consists of original music writing: the section, the phrase, the period, primary 2- and 3-part forms, and motive development. -Dr. Brignal/ 822-823 ORCHESTRATION (I, II) begins with a study of acoustics, which leads to a study of each of the orchestral and band instruments, its range, tone quality, and proper use in combinations. The orchestration of hymns is the practical application of the theory learned. -Mr. Nichol s


SENIOR THESIS AND SEMINAR reviews the material of the entire music course. The preparation and writing of the thesis is done under supervision. -Miss Morgan

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