MISSIONS 901-907

John A. Hubbard-Department Head


MISSIONS I (Survey) looks into the great mission fields of the world, and examines the past missionary work and the present need. -Mr. Hillis MISSIONS II (Principles) searches out the actual methods of missionary work found in the Word and with this basis looks into the life of the present-day missionary on the field -Mr. Hillis


903-904 ANTHROPOLOGY (I, II), a specially designed course for missionary candi- dates, emphasizes the practical and utilitarian aspect of general anthropol- ogy. Besides general anthropological background this couse deals specifically with race culture, customs, and religions. -Mr. Ramm


MISSIONARY LEADERSHIP examines the practical problems of the mission field, such as missionaries' relationships to the government, the native church, etc., and seeks to solve the problems that hinder true missionary statesmanship. -Mr. Hillis


Leonie V, Soubirou-Department Head

1001 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY presents the study of the structure and func­ tion of the human body with emphasis on the relation of structure to func­ tion. -Dr. Earl 1002-1003 CLINICS (I, II) give teaching demonstrations, clinical observation tours and practical work opportunities in public health services, hospital medical, surgical, and obstetrical departments, and dental clinics. -Hospital Supervisors


COMMUNICABLE DISEASES includes a study of all common communicable diseases, emphasizing the aspects of bacteriology and immunology that are pertinent to an understanding of infection -Dr. Nelson FIRST AID prepares the student to meet emergencies in accident and illness when a doctor is not immediately available . This is the standard beginning and intermediate course presented under the regulations of the American Red Cross. and a certificate is awarded for its completion. -Mrs. Hill EYE, EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT deals with the common diseases of these organs. Simple techniques in diagnosis and treatment are demonstrated, and an opportunity is given for some clinical practice. -Dr. Earl INTERNAL MEDICINE, a study of the science of disease, is devoted to spe- cial systematic pathology. -Dr Boyd, Jr. MATERIA MEDICA includes a study of drugs and solutions, elementary pharmacy and toxicology with a consideration of crude drugs, and practice in making drugs and solutions , Emphasis is placed on the evidence bearing directly on the human subject in health and disease. -Miss Soubirou






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