ORIENTATION : MEDICO presents the ethics and phi losophy underlying the who le purpose of the missionary-medical school, with special emphasis on legal medicine, nursing arts, psychiatry, pediatr ics, and missionary medicine. -Dr Boyd PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY HYGIENE begins with the forces and factors that are involved in maintaining health, giving the student up-to-date health facts and views, and applying them to every-day life. It includes a study of each system of the body in relation to the best possible hygiene for health maintenance -Miss Soubirou HOME AND PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING includes the American Red Cross home nursing course (six weeks) and public health nursing for the remain­ ing ten weeks of the course. Every practical problem of nursing is presented and solved with the ordinary materials that might be found on the mission field. -Miss Gardner LABORATORY SCIENCE AND SANITATION presents the pathological sig­ nificance of laboratory science, followed by practical laboratory diagnosis. The problems of sanitation in rural communities is studied. -Miss Odelle NUTRITION is devoted to the study of diet in disease and health, with an opportunity for individual research on the possibility of normal nutrition on the mission field of choice. -Miss Soubirou OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY is a study of womens diseases and the science and art of childbirth. Opportunity is given to attend and observe obstetrical cases under the management of the clinic supervisors. -Dr. Boyd, Jr. SURGERY: Major AND MINOR includes lectures and demonstrations on surgery and dental conditions, and on orthopedic work as conctucted in the orthopedic clinic. -Dr. Boyd TROPICAL DISEASES presents the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the common tropical diseases, with special emphasis on the public health aspect. Recent research conducted by the armed forces in the tropical areas of the world will oe made available -Dr Smith









1017-1018 BIBLE (I, II) gives opportunity for spiritual refreshment with studies in the Epistles -Dr. Hubbard


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