FORM I APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES AND BIBLE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY INCORPORATED 558 South Hope St. Los Angeles 13 , Cal. The applicant will fill out the following in ink, and mail to the Superintendent of Men or Women of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. Among the indispe nsable conditions of admission are approved Christian character, consecration. love for souls, good c ommon sense, willingness to work and to be taught, criticized, and guided. The applicant should be at least eighteen years of age, or a high school graduate and under forty.five years of age. He should be a Christian for at least one- year. The filling out of this b la nk and the mailing of the registration deposit does not mean that the student is accepted. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance, and are received on trial. If found unadapted to Christian work they will be frankly told the fact.





I. Name in full (not initials):

2. Present address:

3. Home address:

4. Birthplace:

Data of Birth :

5. Race;


6. Married? No . of Children: If divorced give details on additional sheet of paper.

7. If your mate and family come with you indicate age of c hildren:

If engaged, is your fiance:(e) also com ing?

9. Do you use alcoholic beverages or tobacco?

10. Do you consider yourself a definitely saved individual?

11 . What is your denominational affiliation?


12 . What is your definite purpose for com ing to our institution?


1. Parent (or, legal guardian):


2. Address:

Occupa ti o n :

3. Father living?

4. Give name, ddd ress , and telephone num ber of a person who should be contacted in case of an emu-


5. Are your parents Christians?

6. Members of family previously attending this institution:


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