I . How lo ng have yo u been a Ch r ist ia n ?

2. High sc hool education: Name school: City and state 3. Schools attended above high school:

Date of graduation:

Reason for leavi ng

Dates Attended

Name and location


4. Have you ever been expelled or suspended?

5. Musical talent:

b. Names of two students at our school who know you:

7. Business experience:

8. Christian work done:

9. How much money have you available for school expenses?

Is anyone dependent on you for support?

Do you have other sources of income?

Are you in debt?

IV. INSTRUCTIONS. The following must be attended to immediately. Read it carefully . l. PICTURE: With this application send in a recent , good snaps hot or small picture of yourself . 2. MEDICAL BLANK: Take the enclosed medical blank to your family doctor, have him fill it out and mail it directly to us. 3. REFERENCES: Write below the names and addresses of your references:


Bu sin ess man:

Friend : Christian references are preferred. Ha ve the above persons complete and mail their references directly to us . 4. TRANSCRIPTS : Piease have your high sc hool forward to us a transcript of your record. We do not mean your high school diploma but the record of your studies. We also request the transcripts from any other school you attended subsequent to high school, i.e., college, seminary, or Bible School. 5. DEPOSIT: Please enclose with your application ten dollars ($10.00) by check or postal money order, for registration deposit. If you are accepted as a student, this amount will be applied on your regis- tration fee; if you are not accepted, or if you give notice , one month in advance of registration date , of your int ention not to enroll, the amount will be refunded .


I plan to enter the Bible Institute (year) and if accepted I am willing to abide by all the regulations of the school and cheerfully do whateve r work is assigned to me . (month), (day)



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