Focus AE Level 3 Work Book Unit 1


1.1 Vocabulary Appearance • Personality

Fashion in focus This week’s Red Carpet Report comes from Hollywood, where the President and First Lady attended the premiere of the new James Bond movie on Saturday. The couple looked extremely elegant in their 1 formal / casual clothes. President Lee wore a black 2 suit / eece with 3 mittens / a vest under the jacket and a dark purple 4 bangle / tie around his neck. Mrs. Lee wore a gorgeous blue silk 5 designer dress / woolen hat from her favorite Paris boutique and a diamond 6 ring / bracelet around her left wrist. She arrived at Hollywood Boulevard wearing WORD STORE 1A Clothes and accessories 1 Read the definitions and write the words for accessories. 0 A piece of jewelry that you wear on your finger. ring 1 These come in pairs like gloves and keep your hands warm. 2 A formal piece of clothing that is worn on a shirt and under a jacket. 3 These protect your eyes from the sun. 4 A casual/sports jacket that is made of very warm material. 5 A single, loose, flexible piece of jewelry that women wear around their wrists. 6 This is made of wool and keeps your head warm like a cap. 7 Large rings that are not flexible and that women wear around their wrists. 8 You wear this around your neck to keep out the cold. 2 Read the text and choose the correct options.

Red Carpet Report

a lovely old pair of 7 vintage sunglasses / stockings , which protected her eyes from the hundreds of ashing paparazzi cameras.


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