gŏđŏ County drops proposed regional police contract

dies. Under the options presented by the po- lice, two municipalities, Hawkesbury and Casselman, would save money under a county-wide service. Hawkesbury’s savings would range from $1.7 million to $2.4mil- lion while Casselman could save between $165,000 and $235,000. However, since the six other municipali- ties would face higher bills, the status quo would be the best option, chief administra- tor Stéphane Parisien told council. The town of Hawkesbury first suggested in 2011 that the counties consider a re- gional constabulary. “While it is surprising that a county-based contract is more expensive than individual contracts,” stated the summary brief, “the explanations provided by the OPP seem reasonable.” The report noted several fac- tors that would contribute to the increased cost, including an increase in the number of civilian support staff members needed for a regional police service. Another factor is that right now Cassel- man, Russell Township and The Nation each have O.P.P. service contracts based on a funding formula that dates back to 2003. But switching over to a regional police force would mean giving up that formula, which worked in their favour, for the cur- rent cost-charge formula that would add more than $400,000 to the cost of policing their part of Prescott-Russell. A third factor is that four municipalities in Prescott-Russell enjoy a discount rate for their police service use (PSU) provided a

provincial formula for communities that do not have a fixed policing contract. A regional policing set-up would mean losing that discount amounts to close to $400,000 in total. The PSU discount, the 2003 funding for-

mula saving, and the projected increase due to extra civilian staff needed all add up to the $1.3 million extra that the UCPR would have to collect from all of its mem- ber municipalities to pay for a regional po- licing contract.


L’ORIGNAL | Deemed too costly, a pro- posed regional police force for Prescott- Russell has been rejected by united coun- ties council. At Wednesday’s council session, mem- bers endorsed a recommendation to dis- card a region-wide policing contract with the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.). A contract would cost the United Coun- ties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) about $1.3 million more than the current bills the eight member municipalities now pay the O.P.P., according to an analysis submitted to council earlier this month. The net costs for a regional police service would be $15,477,872 for 2013 compared to the $14,167,565 tab municipalities now pay. O.P.P. representatives have told the coun- ties that while the average rate for policing services in the province is $160 to $170 per capita, the rate for the proposed county- based contract is $185.42 per capita. From 2010 to 2013, policing costs have increased by 17.6 per cent. Costs per capita vary from $105.62 to $381.67, with an average of $170.59. Hawkesbury pays the highest per capita rate -- $381 – while The Nation has the best deal -- $105 per person. Hawkesbury is the only Prescott-Russell municipality that receives no police subsi-

Catholic board stands out ing, 68 in writing and 52 in mathematics. Among grade 6 pupils, the success rate was 83 in reading, 86 in writing and 66 in mathematics.

Students at Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario schools continue to stand out among the crowd. Grade 3 and 6 pupils at CDSBEO schools exceeded the provincial average in exams administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office in 2012-2013. Among grade 3 pupils, the percentage meeting the provincial standard in read- ing was 70 for the board and 68 for the province. In writing, the success rate was 84 per cent for the board and 77 for the province, and in mathematics, the success rate was 67 at the board level, the same as it was at the provincial level. Among grade 6 students, the percent- age of CDSBEO students meeting the standard was 84 in reading, compared to 77 in Ontario. In writing, the success rate was 80 for the board and 76 for the prov- ince. In mathematics, the percentage of CDSBEO students meeting the provincial standard was 59, compared to the Ontario average of 57. At St. Jude’s Catholic School in Vankleek Hill, the percentage of grade 3 students meeting the standard was 48 in read-

At St. Finnan’s School in Alexandria, the percentage of grade 3 pupils meeting the standard was 69 in reading, 77 in writing and 62 in mathematics. Among grade 6 students, the success rate was 82 in read- ing, 71 in writing and 65 in mathematics. Incinerator idea simmers The idea of establishing a regional waste incineration facility in Prescott- Russell is once again simmering. At the request of Champlain Township, the united counties public works committee has pondered a suggestion to assess the merits of establishing a trash-burning facility. The committee has suggested that a defunct incinerator committee be revived to collect information on waste management in Prescott-Russell. The idea of establishing a trash-burning facil- ity was debated briefly during a regional wastemanagement study that took place about 25 years ago.

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