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An interesting holiday is taking place this month: National Novel Writing Month. This is a time when thousands of people across the world challenge themselves to write a full novel in 30 days. While I’ve never thought about writing a novel, let alone in one month, I have written and published three books in the past. The first book I wrote is called “Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know”; the second is “Alabama Workers’ Compensation: Insider Secrets Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know”; and the third is “Your Legal Guide to Motorcycle Injury Compensation.” I also recently wrote a chapter in another book called “Fighting for Justice: Insights From America’s Premier Personal Injury Attorneys.” I’m very excited to have my chapter on “Fighting Nursing Home Negligence” featured in such an informative book. “Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know” is one of the more general injury books that I’ve written. This book goes over

how claims are handled, the do’s and don’ts of handling a claim, the steps of a personal injury claim, and what someone can expect when going into this process. For example, one of the chapters I have is called “Truth About Personal Injury,” and in it, I write about why people in certain instances need to take legal action to take care of the problems they’re facing. My goal in writing this book and the others is to provide people with useful information. Ultimately, I want my books to answer any common questions claimants or their loved ones might have after they have been injured in an accident. I’ve often found that when people are thrust into the world of injury claims, they don’t know as much as they assumed they would, which makes things overwhelming. People always have a lot of questions and concerns about the lawsuit process that they weren’t aware they’d come across. When a person enters a lawsuit, knowing the basics of the steps involved puts them at a greater advantage when tackling their case. I like to provide people with helpful information, and my books serve the purpose of providing the details they need. These three books aim to equip people with enough knowledge to help them overcome the fear and anxiety that comes about after an injury. It helps give people a direction to move in and an understanding of what is to come when they file a claim. There have been situations where my books have come in handy for many people, especially those who don’t need to hire an attorney. I’m not afraid to tell someone with a smaller case that they can and should handle it on their own. Whenever someone comes into my office


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with a case I know they can work on their own, I give them one of my books to refer to. The language I use in them makes it easy for anyone to understand. In many circumstances, I know how valuable these books can be for some people, which is why I don’t charge for them. I hand them out for free to potential clients or anyone who is seeking knowledge. You can call my office to receive a free copy of one or more of the books or visit my website at to download a free copy, as well. It’s my desire to equip you with the information you need to understand the process of filing an injury claim, from the time of injury to the moment the claim is resolved. | 1 -Mark Petro

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