Howard: Safety During The Holidays


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The holidays can be an extremely busy and hectic time. No matter how busy you are, staying safe and keeping comfortable while using your prosthetic or orthotic should be a priority. It’s especially important to keep your device in good working order during this time so you can fully enjoy the holidays. Call our office to find out how we can help you stay safe and comfortable with your prosthetic during the upcoming season. Staying Safe. It’s always important to make safety a priority when you’re wearing a prosthetic or orthotic. There are specific issues to keep in mind during the holiday season. Ice and Snow. Walking on icy surfaces can be difficult and even dangerous if you have an orthotic or prosthetic. It’s important to invest in a quality pair of shoes or boots that have good traction. Flat shoes are ideal, especially those with a rubber sole. A cane or crutch may also be helpful when walking in icy or snowy conditions. This may be especially true for someone who has recently received a prosthetic device

and hasn’t had any experience walking in winter weather. Co l d Tempe ra t u r es . Co l de r temperatures can affect your devices, making it important to keep them covered and warm as you would the rest of your body. It’s a good idea to always have extra socks and liners during cold weather. Colder weather means less blood flow and shrinking blood vessels throughout your body. This can affect how well your device fits. When seasons change you should have your device evaluated by a professional to make sure it’s fitting correctly. Busy Schedules. Busy schedules means more time on your feet and time spent walking. This could lead to soreness and chafing where your limb rubs against your prosthetic. A hectic schedule can also involve rushing and moving more quickly than usual. You may be engaging in new activities and going places you’ve never been to before during the holidays. This means planning out your schedule ahead of time and knowing what types of surfaces you’ll be walking on.

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