Habitat for Humanity of Durham Strategic Plan


We will embed diversity, equity, and inclusion as priorities in all aspects of our work and foster a culture that treats all people with dignity and respect.

How will we do it?

Strategy 1: Perform a comprehensive equity audit to evaluate organizational practices to identify any gaps and barriers to equity and inclusion throughout the organization. Strategy 2: Craft a statement that clearly conveys our unwavering commitment to promoting equity in all aspects of our work. Strategy 3: Facilitate training opportunities for our staff, to ensure team members have the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. Strategy 4: Establish an equity lens framework to guide decision-making processes, ensuring a thorough evaluation of impacts on equity and inclusivity when implementing initiatives, policies, and strategies. Strategy 5: Develop a culturally humble and linguistically competent organization that values and respects all cultures and ensures effective communication for those with limited English proficiency.

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