Habitat for Humanity of Durham Strategic Plan


It is our pleasure to share our updated strategic plan with you. This plan is the culmination of a thoughtful and collaborative strategic planning process and provides a clear framework for how Habitat for Humanity of Durham will build on our successes and advance our mission over the next three years. Our highest priority is the people we serve. The process of crafting this plan has given us the opportunity to carefully assess our organization along with the local and national landscape in which we work to understand emerging trends, identify opportunities and risks, and anticipate evolving needs to best position us to positively impact our partner families and our community. This plan addresses several fundamental questions about the direction of our organization: How do we continue to grow in an intentional and sustainable way? How do we embed equity and inclusion in every facet of our work? What can we do to foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement? How can we provide a supportive and nurturing environment both for the people we serve and the staff who serve them? As we look to the future, we are excited about where our organization is today and where we are headed. We are immensely grateful to everyone who makes our success possible, including every member of our staff and board. We are honored to do this work, and particularly to do it alongside you. Sincerely, Tiana Joyner Chief Executive Officer Habitat for Humanity of Durham

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