Habitat for Humanity of Durham Strategic Plan

OUR COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS For the planning process to be effective, we believed it was critical that it be conducted in the context of the community we serve. We proactively sought input from our community leaders to better understand their perception of Habitat for Humanity of Durham, and to build strong support for the plan’s future implementation. Individuals representing community stakeholders, including hospitals, non-profits, and public agencies, were invited to provide input by participating in a survey. Some of the feedback the group provided is bulleted.

What should be the priorities for HFHD over the next few years?

What are Habitat for Humanity of Durham’s strengths?


q Increased visibility and community awareness of HFHD and its services. q Collaborative partnerships and sharing of resources with other providers, non- profits, and community organizations.

q Providing high-quality services.

q Collaborative efforts to partner with other organizations to address community needs.

q Outreach within the community.


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