King's Business - 1929-03

THE KING’S BUSINESS Motto: ‘‘I, the Lord, do keep it; I will water it every moment: lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day." Isaiah 27:3. PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING TH E BIBLE IN STITUTE O F LOS ANGELES Volume XX March, 1929 Number 3

1 An interesting book­ let descriptive of our A nnu ity Bone is

is awaiting your request for a copy of same. You are now contrib­ uting from your surplus funds toward the carry- ing on of approved Christian enterprises. The Annuity plan ap­ plied to your benefac­ tions makes it possible to increase your gifts for this purpose, since you are thus assured a reg­ ular income for life. Issued in amounts o f $100.00, $500.00, $5,000.00, $50,000.00, or any intermediate amount.

Table of Contents

Review and Comment................. ».................. s...... i .................. :...... 115 The Resurrection of Jesus—Considered from the Lawyer’s Viewpoint—David Lee Jamison, LL.B...................... 119 The Message of the Cross—Rev. John Wood............................. ,...123 Seed Thoughts from St. Mark—Rev. Wilfred M. Hopkins.____ 125 A Great Scotch Preacher—Prof. John Bissell Trowbridge........ ...129 The Language of the Heavens—Rev. Fred H. Wight................... 130 Striking Stories of God’s Workings..................................................133 Heart to Heart with Young Readers—Florence Nye Whitwell.....136 The Junior King’s Business................................................................ 137 Homiletical Helps for Preachers and Teachers............................. 139 International Lesson Commentary-fpDavid L. Cooper....................140 Notes on Christian Endeavor—Alan S. Pearce............................... 145 Our Literature Table.................................. ,..................... ................149 A Book a Month............................................. 150 Daily Devotional Readings......................... 151

Bib leInstitute of LosAnge


536-558 So. Hope St. Los Angeles, Calif.

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SU B SC R IB ER S’ IN FORM A TION A d v e r tis in g : F o r in fo rm a tio n w ith r e f e r ­ en ce to a d v e r tis in g in T H E K IN G ’S BU S I­ NESS a d d re ss th e R e lig io u s P re s s A ssn., 325 N o rth 13th St., P h ila d e lp h ia , P a., o r N o rth A m e ric a n B ldg., C hicago, 111. E n te re d a s S econd C lass M a tte r N o v em ­ b e r 17, 1910, a t th e P o s t Office a t L os A n g eles, C a lifo rn ia , u n d e r th e A c t of M a rch 3, 1879. A cc e p ta n c e fo r m a ilin g a t sp e c ia l r a te of p o s ta g e p ro v id e d fo r in S ectio n 1103, A ct of O cto b er 3, 1917, a u th o riz e d O cto b er 1, 1918. T e rm s : $1.25 p e r y e a r. S in g le co p ies 25 ce n ts. F o re ig n C o u n trie s (in c lu d in g C a n ­ a d a ) $1.50 p e r y e a r. C lu b s of 5 o r m o re

25 c e n ts re d u c tio n on ea c h su b s c rip tio n s e n t to one o r to s e p a ra te a d d re ss e s a s p re fe rre d . R e m itta n c e : S h o u ld b e m a d e b y B a n k D ra ft, E x p re s s o r P . O. M oney O rder, p a y a b le to “B ible I n s titu te o f L os A n ­ geles.*' R e c e ip ts w ill n o t be s e n t fo r r e g u la r s u b s c rip tio n s , b u t d a te o f e x p i­ ra tio n w ill sh o w p la in ly , e a c h m o n th , on o u tsid e w ra p p e r o r c o v e r o f m ag a z in e . M a n u s c r ip ts : T H E K IN G ’S B U S IN E S S c a n n o t a c c e p t re s p o n s ib ility fo r lo ss or d a m a g e to m a n u s c rip ts s e n t to i t fo r c o n s id e ra tio n . C h a n g e o f A d d re s s : P le a s e sen d b o th old a n d n ew a d d re ss e s a t le a s t one m o n th p re v io u s to d a te o f d e s ire d ch a n g e .

POLICY AS D E F IN E D BY T H E BOARD O F D IR E C TO R S O F T H E B IB L E IN S T I­ T U T E O F LOS ANG E LE S (a ) T o s ta n d fo r th e in fa llib le W o rd of God a n d its g r e a t fu n d a m e n ta l tr u th s , (b ) To s tr e n g th e n th e f a ith of a ll b e lie v e rs, (c) T o s tir y o u n g m en a n d w om en to fit th e m se lv e s fo r a n d e n g a g e in d efin ite C h ris tia n w o rk , (d ) To m a k e th e B ib le I n s titu te of L os A n g eles k n o w n , (e ) To m a g n ify G dd o u r F a th e r a n d th e p erso n , w o rk a n d co m in g of o u r L o rd J e s u s C h ris t; a n d to te a c h th e tr a n s f o rm in g p o w e r of th e H o ly S p irit in o u r p re s e n t p ra c tic a l life, (f) T o em p h asize in stro n g , c o n s tru c tiv e m e s sa g e s th e g r e a t fo u n d a tio n s o f C h ris tia n fa ith . 536-538 S. Hope St., BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Loa Angeles, California

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