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Effectual Fervent Prayer — $1.25 The The K. B., 1 year $1.25 Two $ 2 . 00 Total, $2.50 Save, 50c

The Eternal God - $3.75 The K. B., 1 year $1.25 Total, $5.00



Two Save, $1.00

Effectual Fervent



E terna l God Revealing H im self to Suffering Israel and to Lost H um an ity

A n O u ts tand ing Book on P raye r

B y G ordon B. W att , M.A.

B y D. L. C ooper G>(T>


Binding, English basket weave blue cloth with gold stamp on spine

A Book of Nearly Four Hundred Pages









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W ith The K ing’s Business $4.00 W ith The K ing’s Business $2.00 TWO NEW Books YOU SIMPLY MUST READ HOW DARE WE AS CHRISTIANS MAKE OUR NEW TESTAMENT READ: "TO THE JEW LAST” ? “God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray.” 1 Sam. 12:23.

This is the outstanding book on prayer for the present day. It brings back to the church the long overlooked possibility of praying the prayer that “availeth much in its working.” A book of fourteen carefully prepared mes­ sages, each on a different aspect of prayer, yet each presenting the possibilities of prayer when focussed and fighting. The author says : “The purpose of these mes­ sages is to emphasize not only the devotional side of prayer, but also its aggressive power as a great spiritual weapon. The importance of prayer in the conflict of life increases with a growing sense of the reality of adverse forces.” This book will be exceedingly helpful to every believer who is not satisfied with his prayer life and who wants to know the joy of praying the “effectual fervent prayer.” Send your subscrip tion orders to

Hundreds of ministers and Christian workers have looked upon the Jew as an impossible problem for the simple reason that they do not know how to deal with him. Their efforts at personal work have been fruitless because they have not known the approach to the Jewish mind. Practical literature on the subject has not been available. Dr. D. L. Cooper, Super­ intendent of Jewish evangelization for the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, has met this desperate need. This offer n o t good a fter April 30, 1929.

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