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When it comes to caring for our environment, I think society is at a tipping point. We’re at once realizing the importance of maintaining the natural beauty while still continuing to hold onto irresponsible behaviors that negatively affect our climate. We have a bounty of natural resources in our country, a seemingly endless supply of mountains, rivers, and forests. When so many of us have access to the majesty of our great outdoors, it’s easy to take all of that for granted. If we’re not careful, however, our natural beauty might not stay around forever. Earth Day is on April 22, and from my previous newsletters, you know how much my family and I appreciate our environment and the outdoors. We love mountains, rivers, and oceans. Right now, I think our oceans are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation more than anything. There are huge, floating masses of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We don’t see them, but they exist. We contribute to their creation, and they’re killing tons of whales, sea turtles, and other sea life in droves. My family and I love diving, sailing, and paddleboarding in the ocean. Those “I WANT OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS TO LAST LONG ENOUGH THAT I CAN TAKE MY GRANDKIDS OUT SAILING OR TO SEE A FOREST FULL OF 600-YEAR-OLD TREES.” floating masses of plastic feel less theoretical and more like an imminent threat to the activities we love. That’s why we try to do our part to reduce the amount of plastic that goes back into our oceans and landfills. We do things that may seem inconsequential to the gargantuan task of cleaning up and preserving our environment, like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and refillable water tumblers wherever we go. We really try our best to eliminate single-use plastic. Water bottles are one of the biggest problems for the environment — the number of plastic water bottles used every year is just staggering. These water companies aren’t so much in the water business as they are in the plastic business

with the number of single-use plastic bottles they make. That’s why we have water tumblers with us

in the car at all times. Interestingly, a lot of clothing companies now make

some of their products out of recycled water bottles. Just a simple web search for vendors who sell clothes made from recycled plastic will lead to dozens of results. That said, not all of us can start a clothing company to keep plastic out of the oceans or combat environmental degradation with some equally grand gesture. But if everyone does their own little share, the end result will be a huge, positive impact on the environment. Think of it like voting. It doesn’t seem consequential, but when everyone votes, big changes can happen. All it takes for you to help make a big impact is to change a couple of habits for the better. I want our natural environments to last long enough that I can take my grandkids out sailing or to see a forest full of 600-year-old trees. The ways we enjoy the outdoors are paramount to our enjoyment of life in general. To take it a step further, a lot of people get spiritual nourishment from being out in the natural environment. Because of that, I think it’s our sacred duty to care for the creation we’ve inherited — not only for ourselves but for all the generations to come.

If the task before us ever seems unattainable to me, this quote from John Lennon comes to mind. Maybe it can help you as well:

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

–Perry Shuttlesworth

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When it comes to the various types of nursing home abuse, the signs left behind by physical abuse, financial abuse, and a few others are sadly obvious. Unfortunately, the signs of one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse, psychological or verbal abuse, are harder to spot. If you want to make sure your elderly loved ones are safe from psychological and verbal abuse, it helps to know what to look for when you visit them. Warning signs of psychological abuse range all over the board, and it can be overwhelming to determine if your loved one’s mannerisms actually indicate abuse. That said, some common signs of psychological or verbal abuse include sudden changes in mood, depression, withdrawal from social interaction, excessive fear or nervousness, and unusual silence or an inability to speak candidly. If your loved one is experiencing psychological or verbal abuse at their nursing home, you probably won’t see it when you visit them. If you start to see signs of verbal abuse, ask your loved one if they’ve been yelled at, bullied, ridiculed, ignored, or intentionally isolated. They might have a hard time talking about any abuse they’re experiencing, for fear of retaliation from their abusers. However, if they answer affirmatively to any of your questions, you can seek help on their behalf with more than just a suspicion to build your case on. WHAT TO DO ABOUT VERBAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE

On April 4, NHL teams will play the last games of the 2019–20 season, and playoffs will begin shortly after. While current NHL stars like Connor McDavid and Nikita Kucherov are sure to light up the ice, this is the perfect time of year to reflect on some of the greatest NHL players of all time. Though NHL history is full of outstanding players, three individuals always enter the discussion: Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and of course, the one and only Wayne Gretzky. Here are some interesting facts about these legendary players! GORDIE HOWE Gordie Howe, also known as “Mr. Hockey,” played professional hockey for 32 seasons between the NHL and the World Hockey Association, and he achieved some impressive numbers during his career. Howe was known for being tough, and the term “Gordie Howe hat trick ‘’ was coined in his honor and is used when a player scores a goal, makes an assist, and gets into a fight all in one game. Aside from Wayne Gretzky, Howe is the only player in NHL history to record 800-plus goals. BOBBY ORR Bobby Orr holds the record for the most points and assists by a defender in one season, with 139 and 102 recorded, respectively. He was known for surging forward to assist offense, and his style remains the gold standard for defensive play in the NHL. After retiring, Orr was awarded the Lester Patrick Trophy in recognition of his contributions to the sport. WAYNE GRETZKY Often labeled as the best hockey player of all time, Gretzky holds a long and storied list of records as an offensive player. He remains the only NHL player to record 200 points in a single season, which is a feat he accomplished not once, not twice, but four times. Gretzky also holds the record for most goals in a single season (92) and for being the fastest to reach 50 goals in a season in just 39 games.

Psychological abuse and verbal abuse have very serious consequences, but they can be difficult to prosecute. With the right attorney on your

side, we can make sure the people responsible for the abuse face justice and ensure your elderly loved

one gets the compensation and care they deserve. Call (205) 235-8738 for a free consultation on your case.



MYTH NO. 2: YOU CAN USE YOUR PHONE AND DRIVE IF YOU’RE GOOD AT MULTITASKING By and large, almost everyone who says they’re good at multitasking is actually bad at it. Only around 2% of the population is thought to be good at doing two completely unrelated tasks at the same time. You might think you’re in that 2%, but even if that’s the case, are you willing to bet your life or someone else’s on your perceived ability to multitask? MYTH NO. 3: TEXTING WHILE DRIVING IS BAD, BUT USING MAPS IS OKAY If you don’t exactly know how to get to your destination, it’s better to figure out your directions beforehand or pull over to look at the map rather than try to do so while you’re driving. Your maps app has just as much potential to negatively affect your driving as

A total of 3,166 people died as a result of distracted driving in 2017 according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distracted driving is a nationwide epidemic that shows no signs of slowing down. While multiple states and cities try to curb this deadly habit, we have no evidence that legislation is going to stop distracted driving injuries and deaths. Distracted driving will end when we stop believing some of the most pervasive myths about it. MYTH NO. 1: HANDS-FREE DEVICES AREN’T DANGEROUS Many studies in recent years have pointed out that driving with one hand is not actually the primary danger of distracted driving. Before people had cellphones, no one decried how changing radio stations was leading to accidents. Carrying a conversation over the phone is actually the most distracting part about using your cellphone in the car. Your hands don’t have much to do with it.

texting or calling someone. Even if you’re able to slow down and make your turn in time, the driver behind you might not be ready to account for your unexpected actions. So long as distracted driving exists, Perry Shuttlesworth is here to make sure victims of distracted driving and their families get justice in the wake of a catastrophe. If you’re ever in an accident involving distracted driving, give Shuttlesworth Law a call at (205) 286-9102.



Who doesn’t love trees? They make up breathtaking forests, spritz up urban areas, and perhaps most importantly, they sequester CO2 and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Even though a lot of regions of the world are experiencing rapid deforestation, you might find solace in this baffling fact: There are more trees on earth than there are stars in the Milky Way.

In fact, when you compare the numbers, it’s not even a contest. There are around 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy. That’s a lot, right? Well, there are an estimated 1 TRILLION trees on earth. That’s 12 TIMES as many trees as stars! That’s a lot of green all over the world, and a lot of fresh air to boot!

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Keep America Beautiful


START PLOGGING. If you’re passionate about staying active and cleaning up your neighborhood, then this is the perfect activity for you! Plogging combines jogging and picking up litter, which takes care of your health and keeps your community clean. Anybody can do it: Just throw on your running shoes, grab a bag, head out the door, and pick up any stray bits of trash you see on your morning jog or evening walk. IMPROVE RECYCLING THROUGH EDUCATION. An important goal during Keep America Beautiful Month is to spread awareness about recycling. There are various ways to educate those around you about recycling and encourage them to do their part. At work, for example, you can volunteer to lead a recycling initiative by printing off guides and fostering discussions on why recycling is so essential. At home, you can make a commitment with your family to fulfill the three R’s of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Have you ever walked through a park and seen a plastic bottle or wrapper lying on the ground? If so, did you pick it up and properly dispose of it? You might not have realized it, but in that moment, you took a small step toward keeping your community — and, by extension, America — beautiful!

April is Keep America Beautiful Month, and folks who celebrate aim to help each community in every state stay clean and green.

Created by the nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful, this holiday offers a perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and work to better the place you live in. Here are three ways to show your appreciation for a green America this month. VOLUNTEER FOR THE GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP. This event is one of America’s largest community improvement programs, with hundreds of thousands of people participating each year. In 2019, over 550,000 volunteers participated in the GAC to bring natural beauty back into their communities. 2020 marks this event’s 22nd year, and you can be a part of it this month! Volunteer your time with a local Keep America Beautiful affiliate or another community improvement program close to home. Do your part to clean up your parks and spread awareness today.

To discover more ways to participate in Keep America Beautiful month, visit their website at today!


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