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When it comes to caring for our environment, I think society is at a tipping point. We’re at once realizing the importance of maintaining the natural beauty while still continuing to hold onto irresponsible behaviors that negatively affect our climate. We have a bounty of natural resources in our country, a seemingly endless supply of mountains, rivers, and forests. When so many of us have access to the majesty of our great outdoors, it’s easy to take all of that for granted. If we’re not careful, however, our natural beauty might not stay around forever. Earth Day is on April 22, and from my previous newsletters, you know how much my family and I appreciate our environment and the outdoors. We love mountains, rivers, and oceans. Right now, I think our oceans are bearing the brunt of environmental degradation more than anything. There are huge, floating masses of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We don’t see them, but they exist. We contribute to their creation, and they’re killing tons of whales, sea turtles, and other sea life in droves. My family and I love diving, sailing, and paddleboarding in the ocean. Those “I WANT OUR NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS TO LAST LONG ENOUGH THAT I CAN TAKE MY GRANDKIDS OUT SAILING OR TO SEE A FOREST FULL OF 600-YEAR-OLD TREES.” floating masses of plastic feel less theoretical and more like an imminent threat to the activities we love. That’s why we try to do our part to reduce the amount of plastic that goes back into our oceans and landfills. We do things that may seem inconsequential to the gargantuan task of cleaning up and preserving our environment, like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and refillable water tumblers wherever we go. We really try our best to eliminate single-use plastic. Water bottles are one of the biggest problems for the environment — the number of plastic water bottles used every year is just staggering. These water companies aren’t so much in the water business as they are in the plastic business

with the number of single-use plastic bottles they make. That’s why we have water tumblers with us

in the car at all times. Interestingly, a lot of clothing companies now make

some of their products out of recycled water bottles. Just a simple web search for vendors who sell clothes made from recycled plastic will lead to dozens of results. That said, not all of us can start a clothing company to keep plastic out of the oceans or combat environmental degradation with some equally grand gesture. But if everyone does their own little share, the end result will be a huge, positive impact on the environment. Think of it like voting. It doesn’t seem consequential, but when everyone votes, big changes can happen. All it takes for you to help make a big impact is to change a couple of habits for the better. I want our natural environments to last long enough that I can take my grandkids out sailing or to see a forest full of 600-year-old trees. The ways we enjoy the outdoors are paramount to our enjoyment of life in general. To take it a step further, a lot of people get spiritual nourishment from being out in the natural environment. Because of that, I think it’s our sacred duty to care for the creation we’ve inherited — not only for ourselves but for all the generations to come.

If the task before us ever seems unattainable to me, this quote from John Lennon comes to mind. Maybe it can help you as well:

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

–Perry Shuttlesworth

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