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Do More Harm Than Good? Do Kids’ Menus

Kids can be picky eaters. This is a fact recognized by parents and restaurants alike — hence the classic children’s menu featured at many restaurants around the country. These menus are virtually identical: chicken tenders, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, french fries, and so on. Kids’ menus are loaded with fried foods and cheap carbs. Some parents love the kids’ menu. It makes deciding on food easier. Or, at least, that’s what we tell ourselves. Kids’ menus are populated with foods practically every kid loves. But they have a dark side. Aside from poor nutrition, the kids’ menu changes the family dynamic. In an interview with, television chef and host Alton Brown (who you may know from “Good Eats,” “Iron Chef America,” and “Cutthroat Kitchen”) said, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever let your kid eat from the children’s menu at restaurants and never, ever, ever make your kid special food to allow them to avoid whatever the family is eating.”

of the children’s menu, you relinquish culinary control to your kids. The next time you go out as a family or you make a delicious meal at home, they are more likely to demand “their” food. This is a habit a child can quickly adopt — and a habit that’s tough to break. Kids are picky eaters because, as parents and adults, we let them be picky eaters. We perpetuate bad habits. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In a article, Dr. Cara Natterson suggests kids eat what the rest of the family eats. For instance, let them indulge in the appetizer menu, then build up to the entrée menu and let them share and sample your food. Encourage culinary exploration. When you encourage your kids to avoid the children’s menu, you give them an opportunity to expand their flavor horizons. More importantly, it helps them make healthier choices that aren’t loaded with fat and empty carbs. Make going out to dinner a learning experience, and before you know it, the phrase “kids’ menu” will have disappeared from your family’s vocabulary.

Why? During his “Alton Brown Live!” tour, he explained that it comes down to control. By giving kids the option

Meet Dr. Leah Romay The Newest Addition to the Nathanson Dental Family!

If you’ve stopped in to Nathanson Dental in the past few weeks, it’s likely you noticed a fresh face around the office: Dr. Leah Romay, our wonderful new associate dentist! We’re thrilled to add Dr. Romay to our team. Her energy, creativity, and passion have already proven invaluable since she joined us in August. “I first set my sights on dentistry in high school,” she says. “I have always loved science and the arts,” (Dr. Romay minored in studio arts in college!) She continues, “I knew I wanted to combine my two loves into a career that would allow me to use my skills and abilities to help people.” She worked tirelessly toward this goal through high school and at the University of Pittsburgh. Following her undergraduate education, she attended dental school and the University of Maryland, a prestigious program and the first dental school in the world. As a dental student, she was involved in many community service endeavors and was President of the Gamma Pi Delta Prosthodontic Honors Society, Vice President of the Maryland Student Chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists, Secretary of the Prosthodontic Interest Group, and Member of the

Gorgas Odontological Honors Society. Following dental school, she completed one year of residency training with a focus on prosthodontics and implants. We’ve loved having her around, and she’s enjoyed her first two months at Nathanson Dental greatly. “The office has state-of-the-art equipment and the facilities are beautiful,” she says, “which allows us all to do our best work.”

“The other side of the equation is that all of the staff are so friendly and excellent at engaging our patients,” she says. “That’s a huge factor in providing the best dental care possible – everyone here is very committed.” With a special focus in prosthodontics – crowns, bridges, implants, removable partials and dentures, or any prosthetic tooth or gums – Dr. Romay is an expert at making smiles more beautiful than ever before, as well as optimizing their natural function and health. Outside of work, you can find Dr. Romay cooking, baking, or seeking out new knowledge. “I started out making all kinds of cakes and pastries,” she tells us. “Now, I like all different types of cooking.” Her latest interesting creation? Handmade pasta. “It was worth all of the time I spent,” she says. “I’d definitely do it again.” Next time you’re in the area, stop by and say hello to Dr. Romay. She loves hearing from her new patients. We look forward to working with her for the years to come.

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