Albrecht Law March 2019


March 2019

Luck in the Law When Good Luck is Actually Just HardWork

I often hear from young lawyers,“How’d you get so lucky?”I’ll admit I’m very grateful that I own a practice and boast a successful record, but I don’t believe this is as much luck as it is hard work. Sometimes luck is a matter of what you make of the situation. You can’t keep outside forces from creating havoc, but what you choose to do with the cards you’ve been dealt can yield vastly different results. In my office, I have a poster of Thomas Jefferson that serves as a great reminder of this. It reads,“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” (This poster also hangs next to one of Winston Churchill that reads,“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”I like to think they go hand in hand.) Besides, not everything is what it seems to be on the surface. What appears to be luck may actually be smart decision making and dedication to the result. Take the case of one of our former clients as an example. This client was driving home from her job one evening when she was struck by a drunk driver flying down the road at 110 mph in a 30 zone. The impact was so severe that it sent our client’s car through a house just off the road. Somehow, the drunk driver kept going, striking two additional vehicles on his rampage through the streets. On the surface, the legal ramifications of this horrific accident were a“lucky,”best- case-scenario for the client; we looked like

stereotypically greedy lawyers taking an easy, open-and-shut case for our firm.

come. The drunk driver had to spend time in jail for his role in the ordeal as well.

Instead, there were more factors than we could have imagined. Just an hour before the drunk driver left the bar that night, he threw back seven shots, skyrocketing his blood alcohol content to .29. After vomiting in the bar’s restroom, the man decided he was safer sleeping at home in his bed than in his car and attempted the drive. The icing on the cake? He was uninsured. Additionally, the bar that had over-served himwas uninsured. I bet you didn’t know that, inWashington, there is no law requiring bars to carry insurance! What had seemingly begun as a solid case for our client’s compensation turned into a four-year legal battle. Eventually, we settled on a payment plan that requires the bar owners to make payments to our client every month for years to

Good luck only exists if you capture it. If you choose to let bad luck dominate the situation, you lose out on positive potential outcomes. Everything isn’t always as it seems, and sometimes a little digging may showmore than the original story. Regardless of the bad or good luck that comes walking through our office, our job as lawyers is to discern a plan of attack that will get you the compensation you deserve. Luckily, we refuse to give up!

This Month’s Happiest Client!

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