Helping Children Cope with Death

When my sister Ashley was killed in a crash I was only 9 years-old. I remember the drive to the hospital, the waiting room and finally being allowed to see my sister. I didn’t really understand what happened, my parents wanted to protect me so we didn’t talk about it. I had always had questions but I didn’t want to upset my parents so I didn’t ask. It wasn’t until years later that I really started to learn more and I used that knowledge to help teach other teens to be drug free. Now, I wish that I had known more at an earlier age. Kids have a natural tendency to blame themselves no matter how things happen. I can remember wishing I had been nicer to my sister the last time I had seen her. If you are helping a child who has lost a loved one, talk with them, please let them ask questions. Be understanding towards them and reassure them that it’s not their fault.

Kahlee’s sister Ashley was 17 years-old when she was killed as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a driver impaired by both drugs and alcohol.

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