Helping Children Cope with Death

Final Thoughts

Grieving is a necessary part of living. Much of how a child grieves is determined by the influence of parents and primary caregivers. An environment that fosters open, honest communication offers bereaved children security during their waves of yearning, sadness, anger and guilt. They will undoubtedly experience the pain associated with grief and mourning, yet will be able to express their feelings and resolve any difficult issues. They will learn to cope with grief. The coping skills they master today will remain with them throughout adulthood. Lessons in grief and healing are precious gifts you can give the children in your life. If you are looking for further information, or to talk with someone, please call the 24-Hour Victim Help Line at 1-877-MADD-HELP (877- 623-3435) to be connected to a MADD Victim Advocate who will be ready and willing to listen and help. You can also visit us online at .


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