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36  The Wholesaler's Dilemma When to say “sayonara” to your day job and “hello” to full-time wholesaling. by David Lecko 39  The Key to Investing Success: Financing BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS Exploring the different lending options so you’re ready to buy. Sponsored content provided by David Yarborough, Investor Lending 40  National Trends and Regional Investing


55  Co-Everything in Commercial Real Estate Collaboration is key in this REI space. by Pamela J. Goodwin 56  Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency How can this “new money” work for you? by Steve Streetman 58  Living Well with Others Co-living: a possible housing solution for the urban-affordability crisis. by Peter Stuart 60  Five Uncomfortable Truths REI provides financial rewards but be aware of what could hold you back. by Michael Zuber 62  iBuyers: Investor Friend or Foe? What it means for investors if iBuying is the bridge between Main Street and Wall Street. by Aaron Norris 64  Become The Bank TM Staying on the road to wealth with non-performing notes. Sponsored content provided by Ray Urrutia, Pull the Trigger Enterprises 65  Sponsored Content: Investor Review Technology Edition 82  A Top Trend in Turnkey

Updates from around the industry.

10  Floor Trends: Vinyl Plank

Keep properties looking fresh with this smart flooring choice. Content provided by Sherwin-Williams

INVESTOR STORIES 20  Presidents' Circle Featured Investor: Marco Santarelli 22  Service Before Self

A look at how real estate trends are impacting the Washington, D.C. area. by Sam Jacknin and Charlie Einsmann

Veterans buying real estate boosts America one house at a time. by Jeff Edwards

STRATEGY 42 Buy and Hold for Cashflow

Keeping your eye on the prize is key for this long-term investment strategy. by Deborah Razo 46  The 3 P’s of Real Estate Note Investing How to analyze the paper, property, and payor in real estate transactions. by W.J. Mencarow 48  Online Travel Agencies

BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS 24  High-Quality Investing Methods Finding your right way to make money in real estate. by Vanessa Engineer, M.D. 26  A Different Way to Diversify Why investors should be geographically agnostic when buying rental properties. Sponsored content by Stacy Brown, Real Property Management 29  A Legal View


Compare “iBooking” options for your short-term stayers. by Elizabeth Maora Sickels


How the BRRRR method can transform the turnkey space. by Thomas Rozkowski and Oliver Somoza

Tips from an attorney to protect yourself and your investment. by Michael Johnston


51  Flipping Trends Why investor demand is picking up even as home-flipping profits dry up. by Daren Blomquist

30  Rehab vs. Prehab Which renovation method is best for retail sale? by Gaylene Rogers Lonergan 32  The Daunting Default

DESIGN POINT 84  Design Guide: Charming Exterior Featured Designer: Lorraine Beato

by Peter G. Miller

Understanding types of foreclosures to protect yourself in the process. by Bruce Kellogg 33  Mobile Home Millions





MARKET & TRENDS 86 By the Numbers





Sometimes it's best to just go where the numbers take you. by Ingo Winzer 93  Creative Investing for Passive Returns Exploring the single-family rental sector in a potential economic downturn. by Gary Beasley

The mobile-home enthusiast’s guide to talking to naysayers. Sponsored content by Chimene Van Gundy, Mobile Home Millions 34  Top Tips to Grow What to do when your real estate business is slow. Sponsored content provided by Kamyar Zargari, National Association of Residential Property Managers ® (NARPM)



THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY How helping others can help you.


Prospecting for opportunity in Boise, Portland, and Seattle.

Three tips you must follow when buying a rental property.

How to use strategic partnerships to complement your weaknesses.

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