Three Reasons to Finance Your Flip Through Residential Capital Part ners

by Paul Jackson, Principal

#2. You can pre-qualify even before you find a property. When you’re flipping multiple houses per year, the rigmarole of paperwork for every transaction can easily nickel and dime away your precious time. Luckily, you only need to apply once for credit with Residential Capital Partners and the submittal process takes about 14 minutes. We consider you more than a one-time customer—you’re an ongoing partner. We keep your information on file, so you can strike while the iron is hot when the perfect property hits the market time and time again. Once you’ve been approved for credit, we can move you through the loan approval process swiftly and close within 14 days. #3. We know the industry because we’ve lived it. Our intimate knowledge of the industry has allowed us to ex- pedite our process

T he clock is always ticking for house flippers. The faster you can buy, rehab, and sell a property, the bigger your margin. The average flip takes 183 days*, but it doesn’t have to. You can free up your cash flow to start making repairs and upgrades immediately by sourcing a loan from Residential Capital Partners. Over a third of house flippers finance their properties to maximize cash flow and thereby minimize the time it takes to flip.* We’re proud to say many of them choose us. As with any investment, research is key when choosing a lender. Consider these reasons you should choose Residential Capital Partners as your loan partner: #1. Our terms are refreshingly straight-forward. What you see is what you get. There’s no bait and switch, we don’t offer teaser introducto- ry rates, and you won’t find any surprise fees hidden inside legal documents.

Whether your loan is $75,000 or $1,500,000, you can have peace of mind that we’ve walked in your shoes and will go the extra mile for you. To us, you are not a loan or a statistic—you are a partner. Flipping houses is a cash game. We can help you win it. Residential Capital Partners can help you master cash flow, so you can fix, flip, and move onto the next property as quickly as pos- sible. When you work with us, you keep your cash in your pocket, streamline your paperwork, and get a partner with the funds and terms you can trust. Our partners and affiliates anticipate the needs of our customers so well because they’ve flipped over 2,500 properties themselves.

Keep your cash to start repairs and flip in no time flat.

of underwriting, approving, and closing with hard cash.

• No money down • 100% funding on up to 70% of ARV • 10% interest

• 3 points rolled into the loan • 9-month loan term

Why wait? Pre-qualify for a loan today in under 14 minutes on or give us a call at 866-441-0223.

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*SOURCE: ATTOM™ Data Solutions 2018 Home Flipping Report

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