Viking Views Spring/Summer 2018


Friends Are The Family You Choose. They say, “friends are the family you choose.” Being a member of the Viking family is a bond beyond measure. Your fellow Vikings will and have been there for you through thick and thin. They remember who you were and continue to love you now. You’ve studied together, loved together, played together, survived hardships and life events together. These friends are part of your family. A family unit that is unbreakable and always only a phone call or text message away. While our daily lives seem to get busier than ever and technology becomes more prevalent in our day to day, there is nothing better than seeing and talking with an old friend. I encourage you all to pick up the phone or send a note to a fellow Viking. Check in on one another, reconnect. There are a number of events, socials, parties, or reunions year round at Missouri Valley College which provide the opportunities for you to simply show up and engage with your fellow Vikings and your alma mater. We’d love to see you!. If you’ve not had the opportunity to return to campus, please do so. We’re open year round. The grounds are absolutely beautiful. There are new buildings, new landscaping and exciting developments in the near future to check out. Stop in for a visit and let us show you around, you’ll be glad you did. Check the events calendar online and make plans to attend an event near you. Return for Homecoming this October 5-7. Stay Connected on social media as well. Fill out or update your alumni profile online to ensure you’re receiving all invitations, e-newsletters and mailings. The excitement and energy on campus is electric, we want to share that with you often! I look forward to welcoming you home and seeing you all. VALLEY WILL ROLL! Jennifer Hiller Director of Alumni Programs

12 Viking Views | Spring/Summer 2018

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