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May 2020


The original movies (Episodes IV, V, and VI) were amazing to me, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the third trilogy in the series, which came out in this past decade. I felt it lacked the cohesiveness that made the other trilogies so powerful, and part of that could have come from the creators not using the same director and writers across all three movies. It was still awesome to see "Star Wars" on the big screen again, but I just don’t know if it hit its full potential. Regardless, another cool thing about "Star Wars" — and perhaps an aspect of the third trilogy that was powerful — is how it has stretched across generations. There was a time in our household where everything was "Star Wars." My boys have loved the films ever since they were little kids! We gave many Christmas gifts like LEGO "Star Wars" kits, and the kids all had outfits so they could act out scenes from the movies. And, of course, lightsabers were huge. In fact, I couldn’t even venture a guess as to how many lightsabers we had (and still have) in our home! Today, they still enjoy the films and everything related to them. It’s been an affinity that is following them as they grow up. The television show The Mandalorian, and its popular character known as "the Child" (aka Baby Yoda), are current "Star Wars" family favorites

I’ve always been fascinated by outer space. Any form of media that involves space already has me hooked, so it’s only natural that I’m a pretty big "Star Wars" fan. I never lived and breathed "Star Wars," but I did collect the action figures and play with the spaceships and other little cool things that came out when I was a kid. This was around the time that the space opera franchise was becoming increasingly popular. "Star Wars" was so unique when it came out because it explored the very common good versus evil theme in a totally novel world, “far, far away” — an entirely different galaxy, in fact, boasting a complex system of stars and unique creatures, traditions, and habitats. The characters in this popular franchise took part in the classic battle of the good guys versus the bad guys. This timeless tale, one that is so common in our lives, unfolded in a totally unique universe on the big screen.

in the Nowlin household. The family watched the show together when the latest episodes dropped on Disney+, and the creators have done a great job of keeping it intriguing for everyone — even for my wife, who isn’t a huge fan of the franchise. The connections we’ve been able to foster as a family are amazing when you consider that I was playing with some of the same toys and enjoying the same stories when I was a little kid as my boys are today. It’s meaningful to share these interests together, and I’ve enjoyed sharing those conversations with our boys. It gives us a connection beyond just being father and sons. We can debate what the best movies are or talk about our favorite scenes from movies past. It’s a fun diversion from the regular chaos of life, and to be able to share that with my boys is nothing short of special. Happy May the Fourth (May the Force) to you! –Mark Nowlin • 1 (714) 557-2100 Attending an orchestral performance of "Star Wars" music — they handed out lightsabers!

At the Rose Parade float of the Millennium Falcon

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