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This month gives families the opportunity to celebrate all the hardworking and caring mother figures in their lives. I think most people would agree that being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and it is also mostly thankless. Because every mother is different, each one deserves her own unique type of acknowledgment. For my own mother, Carole, who passed away two years ago this August, I thought I’d use this month’s newsletter to honor the amazing woman and mother she was. With my two older brothers, my dad, and me, my mom was constantly surrounded by boys, which might sound like a little bit of a nightmare to the average person, but my mom always managed to take it in full stride. For example, we were all quite physically active growing up, so we were constantly asking to go on skiing adventures, both on the mountain and at the lake. I remember one particular snow skiing trip that perfectly embodied my mom’s multifaceted demeanor. You see, she would typically pack us all a big lunch and then hang out in the lodge while we hit the slopes. One day, we came off the mountain for lunch and started

gushing about the great runs and the perfect powder, and my mom’s eyes widened with curiosity. She said, “I think I might want to try this stuff.” And she did just that! She went on some of the less complicated runs until she could keep up with us, but even on her very first day testing out skis, she made several friends on the lifts. I always say that my mom could never meet a stranger, and her ability to connect with all those people on her first day demonstrates her genuine friendliness. My mom’s passion for skiing adventures didn’t stop at the snow. She was an avid waterskier as well. My brothers and I skied competitively, so we would hit the water on one ski and push each to go faster and jump higher. I remember one instance at Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth National Forest, when we all watched my mom hit the water on two skis. Watching her out there was the best because she loved it so much; it was like she was on a different planet. She would close her eyes, sing a song, and slowly meander back and forth over the wake.

these skiing adventures matched her approach to life in general. She stayed busy with our school PTA and supported and encouraged us during difficult academic classes and high-pressure athletic games, but she simultaneously made sure to plan the best family vacations and make hundreds of friends along the way. While it’s been nearly two years that she’s been gone, I still miss having her around. She was a true friend, a wonderful mother, and just an all- around great lady.

Here’s to my mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

The laidback but enthusiastic manner with which she approached

–Matt Smith

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