VanDyk Mortgage May 2018

May 2018

Letters From The Hart Give us a call! 239-437-4278 Or visit YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW What Being a Top 10 Loan Officer Means to Me Corporate NMLS #3035

R ecently, I was proud, honored, and humbled to be named one of VanDyk Mortgage’s Top 10 Loan Officers across the country for the third year in a row. Obviously, it feels great to be recognized and to see that everything I do to provide an ideal experience to my clients and referral partners seems to be working. But really, awards like these just serve to further cement one of my central life philosophies: Provide value and excellent customer service, and people will continue to do business with you. “Ultimately, it’s the buyer’s face at the closing table and the satisfied referral partners that make the business worth it.” I love what I do. I honestly enjoy the whole package that comes with running a business, from the regular chats I have with clients and Realtors, to the marketing and networking I get to do to put myself out there, to working to add value to the services I provide, day in and day out. But ultimately, it’s the buyer’s face at the closing table and the satisfied referral partners that make the business worth it. It’s one of the reasons I work so tirelessly to communicate regularly and clearly with the people I serve. For a long time now, I’ve been doing what I call “Tuesdays With Tim.” Each week, I pick up the phone and call every buyer, every buyer’s agent, and every listing agent we have a contract with and have a real conversation with them. Often, it’s just a quick update on where their contract is in the process, but just as often, we’ll end up chatting about baseball, our kids, new business, or any other random subject that comes up naturally for a few minutes. It’s become such a regular thing that I’ve had clients call me at

noon on Tuesday, wondering why they haven’t received my call yet — even as I was just picking up the phone to dial their number! But I think the true measure of success is less

about your business or marketing tactics and more about how you treat every borrower like the person they are, with a family, a job, and a life, not just a loan with a number. There is a lot riding on each loan. If we don’t do our best and get the loan closed, we let down the borrowers and the referral partners who are depending on us. I never want to become a “churn and burn” business, impersonally rushing people through the mortgage process. Instead, I will continue to treat people like family. I’ll think up new ways to add value not only to my business, but to everything I do, and I’ll strive toward my goal of becoming a top three loan officer in the country. Wish me luck!

NMLS #354676

What day of the week does Tim touch base with all of his clients? TRIVIA QUESTION

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Applying for a mortgage can be a daunting process. With numerous pitfalls awaiting the unwary, a huge pile of documents to keep track of, and that all-important credit score looming over your head, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. At VanDyk Mortgage, we see people unknowingly make all kinds of mistakes before they even come into our office, which only further complicates the application process. One of the most common mistakes that can really throw a wrench into the mortgage proceedings is waiting too long to apply. For us, it’s a familiar story: A client is currently a renter and their lease is up in October. They’re planning on buying

a house that month and they wrongly assume that since it’s May they’ll have plenty of time to apply for their mortgage. For some arbitrary reason, they decide they’ll apply for their mortgage in August. But when August rolls around, they discover that their credit is just below the threshold for approval. So now they’re stuck with very little time to do any course correction, whether that’s requesting an extension on their lease,

It’s better to apply early — earlier than you think, in fact — in order to give yourself some wiggle room. It’s completely free to apply, and it will always give you a ton of important information moving forward, so you can plan ahead for making one of the biggest purchases of your life. Even if it turns out you’re all clear, we can revisit your status again in a couple of months to ensure everything goes smoothly. In the midst of steadily rising mortgage rates, with approvals more difficult than in previous years, it simply doesn’t make sense to delay your application. Call Tim Hart at VanDyk Mortgage today at 239-437-4278 or apply online at www. and start the process as soon as possible!

paying off a loan, or just

saving a little more money. At that point, they may be completely out of luck.

ROAD TRIPS Don’t Have to Be Painful


Play an Audiobook or Podcast We get it. Sometimes passengers don’t want to play games. Occasionally, they’d rather relax or take a nap. However, your listening material doesn’t have to be limited to Dad’s favorite music. Instead, consider listening to a family-friendly audiobook or podcast, which can make the longest and most boring parts of your trip an entertaining or educational experience. Almost any popular book is available in audio form, but it can be hard to find an enjoyable podcast. “Transistor” is a science- focused podcast that explores subjects kids and adults will find fascinating. Or if you’re looking for something fictional, try “Storynory,” in which the narrator tells fairy tales and legends from all over the globe.

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll soon pile the whole family into the car, ready to brave the road for a vacation. Everyone knows that riding in the car for hours can be torture. But with a little creativity, you can turn the worst part of a long trip into a fun event. Pack a Travel Game When the excitement of the family vacation starts to wear off, keep the peace and entertain your kids with a travel game. Many board game manufacturers offer travel-sized versions that are easy to pack and play in the car. Before your next road trip, consider purchasing digital Yahtzee, which packs all the fun of the classic game without the dice, or IQ Fit, a logic game with over 100 challenges. Both games

cost around $10 and can provide hours of entertainment. Include the Whole Family Once the travel games no longer pique anyone’s interest, try an activity that can be fun for the whole family: a traditional road trip game. If you have a car full of storytellers, try “Fortunately, Unfortunately.” The rules are simple. The first person starts by saying, “fortunately,” and mentioning something good about the road trip or the destination. The next person (moving clockwise) then follows by saying something “unfortunate” about the previous person’s statement. Take turns with every passenger in the car. If someone stumbles, they get a strike; three strikes and you’re out. The last passenger standing wins.

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The Head of the Talented Production Team Behind ‘Rates and Reels’ MEET MICHAEL HALEY, MULTIMEDIA EXPERT

Back when he was growing up, Michael Haley was a kid of many talents, with passions that ranged from computers and technology to hammering out hip-hop beats on whatever music equipment he could find. After he went through school and secured a job in software development, his mentor and boss began to wonder whether they might be able to tap more into his innate creativity. Together, they sought to combine their skill sets and interests under one umbrella. To that end, they formed M&M Multimedia, a full-service digital marketing, web design, and video production firm, right here in Fort Myers.

“We embrace the ‘multi’ in multimedia, providing top-tier media development of all kinds,” explains Mike. “Mobile apps, landing pages, web design, full-blown web applications, video, infographics, web copy, ads — any type of content your business could possibly need.” He doesn’t do it alone; Mike truly values the people he works with, and prides the company on building a team of the best professionals in the biz. If you’ve been following Tim Hart for a couple of years, you’ve seen M&M Multimedia’s work. They’re the production minds behind Tim’s monthly “Rates and Reels” fishing show. You can see their consummate skill in

every frame of the show, and, as both he and Tim will attest, they’ve developed a great, genuine relationship by working together. “When Tim approached me to take over production of the show, it was a pretty exciting opportunity,” Mike says. “I’d never had the unique chance to produce a fishing show before, and it involved some serious logistical wrangling. But in the end, I’ve been proud of the result. It’s really become a high-end, professional viewing experience for everyone involved.”

of his own. Now Mike and his young nephew head out on the water at least once a week. “In Ohio, where I’m from, the biggest fish you could catch was about the size of your hand,” he says. “Here, we’re out catching monsters half our height. It’s been great to learn about angling while working on ‘Rates and Reels,’ not only for my own sake, but so that I can bond with my nephew in a meaningful way.” If you’re interested in creating content that will stick, you can’t do better than Mike Haley and M&M Multimedia. Give his team a call at 239-234-1734 to make whatever project you’re dreaming of a reality.

Perhaps best of all, producing “Rates and Reels” has prompted Mike to cast a few lines


VanDyk Testimonials

Here is what two of our clients had to say about their experience with VanDyk Mortgage:

“Tim and his team did an exceptional job. After getting denied that first time with a different lender, Tim and his team did their homework and accomplished the mission. It shows their character as professionals. They also showed how much they care by helping a veteran who fought for his country. Thank you so much, VanDyk, for making a dream come true!” –Kristian Blanco-Munoz

“Tim Hart and his team are top-notch, exceptional, superb, and professional. They were always so attentive and always available. After being denied right before going to Tim, we had two weeks left on our home contract. We closed right on time! There was never a lost communication — although I do have to say I was very nervous. Tim was always there, reassuring us that everything was running smoothly. These guys are truly masters of their craft! Tim Hart and his team are truly exceptional!” –Joanna Blanco





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Inside This Issue 8280 College Parkway Suite #101 Fort Myers, FL 33919 Conversation, Communication, and Community: Tim Hart’s Business Philosophy PAGE 1

Applying for a Mortgage? Don’t Delay!

How to Make Your Road Trip a Breeze PAGE 2

Meet the Multitalented Production Mind Behind ‘Rates and Reels’

May Testimonials

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Gear Up for Grilling Season PAGE 4

2 May Holidays, 2 Reasons to Grill Get Your Grill On

The Mediterranean Burger Take your patty to the next level with a Mediterranean twist. Mix feta cheese and garlic into your ground beef before forming your patties. Serve it on a grilled ciabatta bun topped with marinated red peppers and arugula for flavor and texture. If you want to get extra fancy, pour a bit of balsamic reduction over the patty before adding the toppings. The Portobello Burger For a delicious veggie burger even meat eaters will love, use a portobello mushroom as your patty. Remove the stems, then marinate the mushrooms for 15 minutes in a mixture of 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, and a clove of

Is there anything more American than grilling a burger outside on Memorial Day? This year, there’s another reason to fire up the grill that weekend: In addition to being Memorial Day, May 28 is also National Hamburger Day! Enjoy this delicious coincidence by heating up the grill, gathering the fixings, and making one of these tasty burgers at home. The Classic Burger Nothing beats the American classic: a seasoned beef patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, a squirt each of mustard and ketchup, a layer of crunchy lettuce, some thinly sliced onions, and a couple of zesty pickles. For a homemade touch, make the pickles yourself by soaking cucumbers in a brine of vinegar, dill, and salt.

minced garlic. Season the shrooms with salt and pepper, then place them on the grill just as you would any other burger. Gruyere cheese is the perfect creamy topping, and you can use grilled focaccia bread topped with garlic aioli. As you bask in the late spring weather and the inviting smell of delicious food this Memorial Day, take a moment to remember the Americans who gave their lives so we could enjoy these freedoms, and thank those who served.

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