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By: Orange County IT Department


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day is an annual holiday celebrated every year by GIS professionals and enthusiasts alike! Since 1999, Geography lovers have celebrated this Holiday to bring awareness to the constantly evolving technology which is GIS and foster a sense of community among its users. Sponsored by serval originations such as the National Geographic Society (NatGeo), Association of American Geographers (AAG), and Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), GIS Day is now celebrated in countless countries across the globe! GIS is used by every person every day! Your weather app that updates forecasts based on your current location, Google Maps, and Find My Friends all use the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a GIS! On the county level, our GIS Analyst and GIS Technician are responsible for making sure that mailing addresses and property information, such as boundaries and pending permits, are accounted for and up to date. Additionally, they act as the liaison for the County of Orange and FiberLync to determine where fiber has already been run and where it will be run next. The GIS specialists also work closely with other members of the Information Technology Department, as well as members of Development Services, Fire and EMS, and the Office of Commerce.

1.The earth ’ s shape is not a perfect sphere. It is a ______ which means an “ earth - like shape ”

2. The _______ ________ divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres

4. The element that denotes direction on a map is the _________

5. Maps that communicate elevation data are referred to as ___________ maps

7. Unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to collect data. They are best known to be used by ground - based controllers to steer the vehicle in real time

8. __________ are the backbone of the GPS

9. Who is credited as the first person in written history to use spatial analysis to make geographic connections to determine the source of a cholera epidemic in London during 1854?

11. The feature used to explain the symbols used on a map

12. There are 2 main disciples in geography: 1) Human Geography and 2) _______ Geography

13. A collection of maps


2. The 3 types of vector feature classes used in ArcGIS to represent data are 1) points, 2) lines and 3) ______

3. How many counties share a boarder with Orange County?

6. The art and science of map making

10. GIS housed in the ___________ __________ department

14. The two types of GIS data are 1) Raster and 2) _______

15. An _________ is a piece of non - spatial data about an object

Interactive Maps and Open Data that detail information about the County are available for public consumption on the County ’ s website.

16. The GIS Map located on the County ’ s website is most used to locate and validate Tax _____

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