Orange County Insight November 2022

Civic Rec

By Joe Falin, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks and Recreation

In October, Orange County Parks and Recreation (OCPR) launched our new online registration platform powered by CivicRec. This platform will allow anyone interested in registering for one of our programs to browse our catalog of available activities, register, and pay for the activity all without being redirected to another website. To register for an activity, all you need to do is go to - county - va/ and create an account. You can add all your household members to a single account and make edits to your account anytime you wish. Once your account is created, registering for an activity takes just a few minutes, and you can register at any time (even when Parks and Recreation is closed for business). The future is very bright for OCPR as we work to incorporate more and more processes into our online platform. Beginning in 2023, OCPR will allow online reservations for both our Barboursville and Unionville shelters. Gone will be the days of wondering if a shelter is available when making plans for a birthday party or company picnic. Everyone will be able to look at the availability of each of the shelters, select any available dates they wish to reserve a shelter, sign all the appropriate waivers, and pay for the shelter all in just a matter of minutes.

Another advantage of moving to CivicRec for our online platform, is the functionality it provides for any future leagues OCPR may offer. CivicRec will allow OCPR to create a league and give each team access to their own team website. On each team website, you will be able to view your team ’ s record, league standing, and schedule (including game/match location). Coaches will be able to view their team ’ s roster online and communicate with their team all within the platform.

Communication will be another advantage, as OCPR will be able to provide up - to - date information regarding programs and shelter availability, as well as providing our instructors with the tools they need to

communicate with their participants/parents. Instructors will be able to access their own instructor portal where they will be able to view all their class rosters during registration and for the duration of their program. Instructors will also be able to message all their students through the instructor portal and let them know any important information as it pertains to their class.

Be on the lookout for new and exciting programs on our website, and if you are interested in offering a program through OCPR, please contact us at (540) 672 - 5435 or at

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