Orange County Insight November 2022

Halloween Costume Contest

By Joe Falin, Program and Facilities Supervisor, Orange County Parks and Recreation

Since 2014, the OCPR Office Costume Contest has been a well received, heavily participated in event in Orange County, and this year was no exception. This year ’ s contest featured fifteen (15) entries with more than one hundred (100) participants total and was sponsored by Faye ’ s Office Supply (donated $150 worth of office supplies) and Café Charm (donated two (2) dozen donuts). The final standings for the competition proved to be one the closest races we have seen. The difference between first and second place was only half a point, and the difference between third and fourth place was only one and a half points.

First Place Orange County Administration, Human Resources, and Treasurer ’ s office

The final standings were determined using a

combination of Judge ’ s scores, Facebook reactions, and participation numbers. There were three (3) judges, and each judge ranked each entry from first to fifteenth in Creativity, Group Theme, and Quality. Based off their ranking in each category, each entry received an overall ranking from each judge with first place receiving fifteen (15) points, and last place receiving one (1) point. The Facebook and participation numbers each counted as one (1) whole judge (2 judges total), and each entry was ranked based on how many reactions their picture had on Facebook, and

Second Place Orange County Public Safety Building

and Public Works

how many people they had participating in their picture. With all of that combined, the maximum number of points any one entry could receive this was seventy five (75) points. This year the first place entry (Orange County Administration, Human Recourses, and Treasurer ’ s Office) received sixty eight and a half (68.5) points,

second place entry (Orange County Public Safety Building and Public Works) received sixty eight 68 points, and the third place entry (Hale Family Dentistry) received fifty two and a half (52.5) points. The prize for first place was a $75 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, two (2) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. Second place received a $50 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, one (1) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. And third place received a $25 gift card to Faye ’ s Office Supply, one (1) dozen donuts at Café Charm, and a trophy. The top three finishers

Third Place Hale Family Dentistry

were not the only entries to receive awards as four (4) of the entries received superlatives with an accompanying certificate. The Arts Center in Orange received the Scariest Superlative, Grymes Memorial School (Specials) received the Funniest Superlative, Virginia Cooperative Extension Office received the Happiest Superlative, and the Town of Gordonsville Town Office received the Cutest Superlative. Thank you to everyone that participated in this year ’ s Office Costume Contest and for making it such a big success! We hope to have even more entries next year. Be on the lookout for more new programs offered by Orange County Parks and Recreation at

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