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FROM THE CHA The poet Charmaine Forde commented that “There’s something super special about December.” Th the Federal Government’s program to accelerate the development of COVID-19 vaccines and thera

Thankfully, we have just been notified that Jaybird Senior Living’s residents should expect access t the plan is still developing and that the commencement of vaccinations does not ensure a rapid en will result in an incremental return to “normal.” And right now, “normal” is just what we need!

As I write this column, I am proud to say that the Jaybird team is working tirelessly to ensure that th executed as smoothly as possible. We remain 100% committed to the safety of our residents and

It is worth noting that Operation Warp Speed is a tremendous success given how rapidly several CO partnership. Coupling government resources with corporate expertise, this herculean effort involve for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Biomedical Advanced Res Department of Agriculture, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. As a result of this collaboration, tens of millions of vaccine doses are currently being positioned thr approval is granted. And this was possible in such an extraordinarily abbreviated timeline only beca doses months ago in conjunction with the trials proving safety and efficacy. This dual tracking incre circumstances.

Operation Warp Speed represents the best of what we can accomplish as a nation when we usher g at the end of this fight just yet, we are now starting to see how this pandemic will end. The Jaybird T


It is my sincere wish that, despite the measures we are all taking to ensure safety for our most vuln on all there is to be thankful for. Through 2020’s many troubles, we have endured together and hop precious, finite, and truly outweigh any physical items or gifts. On behalf of our team across the Mid

Vaccine Distribution Pro OPERATIONWARP SPEED




FACIL Vac sup

The COVID-19 vaccine is being manufactured simultaneously with clinical trials, and upon authorization/ licensing and CDC recommendation, will be ready to ship.

Allocation of the doses will be based on CDC prioritization. Distribution to specific groups and product delivery/administration tracking will be closely monitored.

A Central Distributor has been established for compiling vaccine supply kits with IT support for ordering, distribution, administration and tracking processes.

ship dist faci for a grou prio



Vo l . 1, I ss . 1


his year that adage is especially true thanks to Operation Warp Speed, apeutics.

to the COVID-19 vaccines this December. While we appreciate that nd to the pandemic, this does suggest the start of a new phase, which

his vaccination process, to the extent it is within our control, is d employees, playing our part in facilitating a return to normal.

OVID-19 counter measures were developed through this public-private ed collaboration between numerous corporations and the Centers search and Development Authority, the Department of Defense, the

6 slices bacon 4 potatoes, thinly sliced 1 bunch broccoli, trimmed & sliced 3 carrots, sliced 1/2 cup celery, sliced 1 medium onion, chopped 1 lb. smoked sausage or polska kielbasa, cut into 5 equal portions salt & pepper to taste GINNY, RESIDENT Wi l l ow C reek Sen i o r L i v i ng Mrs. Claus’s Casserole In heavy skillet, fry bacon until crisp. Remove bacon. Add sliced potatoes, broccoli, carrots, celery, and onion to bacon drippings. Fry over medium heat. Salt & pepper to taste. When vegetables are tender, place smoked sausage on top. Heat covered for 12 minutes or until sausage is thoroughly heated. Top with reserved bacon, crumbled.

roughout the country to ensure a rapid deployment as soon as final ause the pharmaceutical companies began manufacturing vaccine eased the endeavor’s financial risk, however, was necessary under the

government resources with corporate ingenuity. And while we are not Team is anxious to play its part.

nerable, you are able to enjoy the spirit of this season and truly reflect pefully learned and solidified many life lessons. Our relationships are dwest, we wish you good health and happiness in the coming year.


LITY ARRIVAL ccine and vaccine pply kits will be


Upon receiving proper licensing/authorizaiton, vaccines will ship to pharmacies, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, medical practice offices and military facilities.

pped concurrently to tribution depots and ilities in preparation administration to ups designated as ority recipients.



Vo l . 1, I ss . 1

COM Garnett Place Retirem

319-362-3630 202 35TH ST DR SE

Books and songs, films and signs…The importance of home and the foundation of a person’s upbringing is a story well told and well known. Ideally, a home provides safety, structure, and warmth both physically and figuratively. With luck, and a lot of love, home can be any location. For many, a home has more to do with the company that surrounds us than the roof over our heads. Anecdotally, Garnett Place has been home to countless seniors for decades and is known as the foundation of senior living in Iowa, starting off as one the Midwest’s first congregate living campuses. Named after Dr. W. Leslie Garnett, an accomplished academic, philanthropist, and international traveler, the Community is nestled just off the beaten path. Garnett Place has been called Cedar Rapids’ best kept secret, since the construction of a 44-unit ‘passive solar retirement home,’ and is tucked away in a wooded area, surrounded by lush greenery. The community was one of three original

Eastern Iowa’s “hidden gem,” Garnett Place is tucked away in a cozy, wooded area just minutes from dining, downtown entertainment, shopping and comprehensive health care facilities.The campus offers 10 Independent Living duplex units, 1 cottage, and 70 apartments within the primary Independent Living and Assisted Living & Memory Care buildings. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52403 WWW.GARNETTPLACE.NET



Vo l . 1, I ss . 2

MMUNITY ment Community

properties operated by Jaybird Senior Living, then Senior Housing Management, at the operator’s inception. Since the early, congregate living days, Garnett Place’s accommodations and amenities have grown exponentially. The Community now boasts a three- story licensed Assisted Living and Memory Care building and 10 single- story townhome units, in addition to the Independent Living apartments located in the original, cedar-sided building. Residents enjoy ample outdoor space, and beautiful views from every picture window and alcove. These views are quite familiar to Jaybird Senior Living Senior Portfolio Leader and Garnett Place Director, Lyla Erwin. The senior living veteran managed the property beginning in June of 2010 before joining the corporate operations team in 2014. “Walking these halls is like a trip down memory lane. I remember bringing my family to the events we held at Garnett Place when I was first the Director,” shares Lyla. In November 2020, Lyla returned home to Garnett Place where she is excited to again provide some TLC to her residents, staff, and the building. “I always loved sharing Garnett Place’s welcoming atmosphere with my kids, and now I am honored that my son has chosen to expand his career in the senior living industry as well,” continued Lyla. Tanner, Lyla’s oldest child, is the Assistant Director at Garnett Place where he shares his mother’s passion for working with seniors and providing red carpet service. When asked about how he enjoys working with his mother, Tanner said, “I immediately felt at home when I started working at Garnett Place, and I knew this was where I belonged. The residents and staff have been amazing,

and it is great to be able to share this with my mom. I remember coming here when I was younger and I always enjoyed listening to residents’ stories and gaining wisdom from their experiences. I never imagined I would be working here one day but now that I am, I feel very lucky to have found my ‘home.’” The idyllic views are not the only things Lyla is well-acquainted with. Many of the residents and staff she served during her first stint at the Community still call Garnett Place “home,” most notably the Community’s long-time Health Care Coordinator, Lee Thoma, RN. Lee has been a thread in the Garnett Place fabric for over 12 years. “My mother was a resident of Garnett Place and I have always aimed to treat each of our residents as I would my own parent,” Lee states. “That’s not just something I believe, but also something I try to instill in my team.” At the 2019 Iowa Assisted Living Association Annual Conference, Lee was recognized as Nurse of the Year by the state organization. His nomination spoke of his dedication to the Community, treating staff like family members and acting as a guest in his residents’ home. Through the years, Garnett Place has withstood the test of time and continues to set the standard for hospitality and comfort, consistently demonstrating that a brand-new building may be appealing, but experienced, compassionate caregivers are what hold the highest priority. Residents, families, and teammembers choose the Community because of its familiarity; like a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa on a chilly day, mom’s famous snickerdoodle cookies, or the smell of dad’s aftershave. At Garnett Place, it’s about coming home.

Independent Living Assisted Living

Memory Care Respite Care

Left to Right:Tanner Erwin, Assistant Director; Lee Thoma, RN, Health Care Coordinator; and Lyla Erwin, Senior Portfolo Leader & Community Director


Vo l . 1, I ss . 2

Father & Bride Reunit In August, Mike’s family reached out to Country Manor Director, Miranda Lewis, asking if there would be any possible way for Mike to attend his da the past, Mike had been estranged from his daughter, making it especially significant for him to be in attendance at her wedding. Of course Miran make it happen but, due to COIVD-19 precautions, he would have to quarantine for 14 days afterward. Miranda spoke to Mike to make sure he un quarantine would look like. He said he wouldn’t miss the day for anything, and he’d quarantine with no complaints! Next, Miranda needed to get Mike fitted for a tux! The gentleman from the tux shop came to the Community and instructed Miranda how to colle this was done outdoors in Country Manor’s beautiful courtyard to adhere to proper social distancing. “We had to take Mike’s measurements 2 tim comical to watch as a passerby!,” giggled Lewis. To further prepare Mike for the big day, Miranda lined him up with a haircut and fresh shave. About a week before the wedding, Mike’s brother, Tom, called and said that Mike’s daughter wanted her Dad to walk her down the aisle. This was q for Mike! Miranda worked with him to ensure he practiced and was prepared to be her escort. On the big day, Tom said Mike was the happiest he’d did a wonderful job keeping his mask on and staying socially distanced. Mike said the only person he hugged was his daughter... which was a mem moment for both. Throughout the 14 days of quarantine that followed, Mike was still on cloud nine! Miranda brought in a lot of movies for him to watch, and spoiled restaurants to help the time pass quickly. “Even during a public health crisis, we still have a responsibility to find ways to help our residents live th existing... Even if that means learning how to fit someone for a tux!,” shared Miranda. Mike and his daughter were able to share the most importan special dance that none in attendance will soon forget! DARE TO DR

“Even during a health crisis, w have a responsi to find ways to our residents li their lives.”



Vo l . 1, I ss . 2

ted at the Aisle aughter’s outdoor wedding. In nda told the family, she would nderstood what 14 days of REAM


Being a part of the Jaybird Senior Living family of communities means embracing a very special set of values. One of these values is ensuring that our teammembers get to know each and every one of our residents not only in regards to their care but also as a unique and vibrant person. Our goal is to make at least one resident dream come true each month in every one of our senior living communities. These dreams can range from modest to elaborate based on the unique experiences and backstories of each individual resident. To date, we’ve made over 1,000 Dreams come true.

ect the measurements. All of mes and I’m sure it was quite

quite the unexpected honor d seen him in a long time. He morable and heartwarming

himwith lunch from nearby heir lives and not just nt walk of her life and a


e still ibility help ive


Vo l . 1, I ss . 2


NAME: Ken Heinz

NAME: Tasha Kanealy, RN

NAME: Karry Bigalk, RN

ROLE: Portfolio Leader

ROLE: Clinical Care Specialist SPECIALTIES: Quality Assurance Communication ABOUT: Tasha began her career as a CNA at the age of 15 and has worked in senior care since. Most recently, she was the Healthcare Coordinator at SunnyBrook of Carroll where she continued to develop her passion for caring for others. Tasha enjoys camping, fishing and, boating.

ROLE: Clinical Care Specialist

SPECIALTIES: Financial Management Program Design ABOUT: Ken brings over 14 years’ experience as an operator in the senior living industry. He prides himself in the development of Community Directors and teammembers by modeling servant leadership. Ken enjoys spending time with his family, water activities, and coaching youth sports.

SPECIALTIES: Compassion Communication ABOUT: Karry has been a

Registered Nurse for 13 years and loves the opportunity she has to work with the aging population. She is a wife and a mother to three children. In her free time, Karry loves to craft and create home decor items. She enjoys spending time and making memories with her family.


Vo l . 1, I ss . 2

Nominate deserving team members to receive a Jaybird Achievement Award! Jaybird Achievement Award Categories





Candidates for this award will have demonstrated unmatched leadership of their community, resulting in happy residents, gratified teammembers, exemplary quality

To be considered for this recognition, candidates should be leaders in their field; training incredible caregivers, consistently achieving top quality assurance scores, and collaborating seamlessly within all departments.

Any community team member (excluding

Nominate a Jaybird Senior Living corporate teammember who has provided invaluable training, resources and/ or assistance in helping employees, communities or residents meet their personal/professional goals. This individual should live the Red Carpet philosophy.

Directors & Nurses) can be nominated for this award based on their superior responsiveness, spirit of service, and dedication to making their program the premier choice for seniors, their families, and job seekers.

standards and overall community success.




This award will be given to the community whose efforts to make a resident’s dream come true most profoundly embodies the spirit of the Dare to Dream Program. The dream should be a unique and priceless experience that truly and positively impacted the resident.

The candidate bestowed this award will have introduced a new resource, program or approach that has substantially benefitted the company and/or our residents.

For nominees in this award category, Red

Carpet Service extends outside his/her property. This award will be given to an individual who has made a positive impact on society through his/her own volunteerism and philanthropic efforts.



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Elevating the Dining Experience

Jaybird Senior Living has selected US Foods, a nationally-established food service distributor, to provide premier selection for community teammembers and unparalleled quality for residents. As a leading food service distributor for more than 150 years, US Foods is one of America’s most recocnizable food companies . The company partners with approximately 300,000 food service operators across the United States to help them succeed. US Foods offers a wide variety of 400,000 food and non-food products as well as tools and resources to optimize dining operations. As specialists working with senior living and long-term care communities, US Foods provides endless options for nutritious and satisfying meals residents truly enjoy. US Foods also provides industry-leading tools, resources, and ongoing training and support that help Jaybird Senior Living Communities effectively manage costs and improve efficiencies at every step of the supply chain.

“It’s a been a great experience working with Jaybird Senior Living. They go above and beyond the status quo in every area of their business to support their mission of providing red carpet service for their residents,” says John Ennen, Business Development Manager with US Foods. “This is especially true as we work with them to bring their residents an exceptional dining experience with on-trend menu options and a variety of selections to meet the unique dietary needs of their residents.” Jaybird Senior Living’s community team members look forward to a collaborative and consultative partnerhship that allows US Foods to be more than just a food distributor, but a true ally in the industry. “We are very excited to have US Foods join our family as another organization dedicated to the seniors we serve,” shares Sam Patterson, Director of Operations. “The products available to our culinary teams will provide continuity for all of our communities with quality items that are familiar to residents.”

Jaybird Senior Living communities will transition from the current distributors to US Foods, headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, in January of 2021. Visit www. to learn more.


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It’s often the seemingly smallest acts of kindness that make the biggest impact.

Red Carpet Moments

SAM, ACCOUNT REP. V i ko r Sc i ent i f i c


LORI, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Edencrest at Riverwoods

A rcad i an Cove

In the early stages of the pandemic, Jaybird Senior Living partnered with Vikor Scientific, an organization dedicated to properly detecting emerging pathogens like coronavirus with a validated COVID-19 test. These tests are noninvasive, rapid, and accurate. The collaboration has led to consistent availability of the testing supplies needed for residents and teammembers alike. Testing regularly with Vikor Scientific tests have detected the COVID-19 virus early and allowed JSL property leadership to act quickly, mitigating negative outcomes. Sam Schooley, Account Representative with Vikor Scientific, has been invaluable in assisting Directors and Health Care Coordinators in Communities where coronavirus has been detected. She has spent countless days conducting COVID tests shoulder-to-shoulder with JSL teammembers. Thank you for helping JSL keep residents and employees safe, Sam!

Sophie was working at Arcadian Cove as a Culinary Aide at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was graduating from high school and was told there would be no graduation. No graduation meant she would not have the opportunity to walk across a stage at a formal ceremony with her family and friends in attendance. Arcadian Cove teammembers and residents felt Sopie’s disappointment in not being able to receive her diploma with the customary fanfare she so deserved. In an effort to recognize Sophie and her accomplishment, Cris Sexton, Director, worked diligently to plan a socially- distanced event complete with a cap and gown, commencement program, music, a representative from the school system to present the diploma, a Zoom call for Sophie’s loved ones and, of course, food. Sophie was so surprised and beamed with pride in the company of her loved ones, residents, and coworkers!

The COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts are far-reaching, but Lori Overton, Assistant Director at Edencrest at Riverwoods, has demonstrated exemplary innovation, compassion, and resiliency to inspire and protect her residents and coworkers. In an effort to make the holiday season as festive as possible, Lori created a “Riverwoods North Pole,” completely transforming the Community’s common areas into a festive wonderland. Residents are able to write letters to Santa with their Christmas wishes and, with the help of a little holiday magic, the Riverwoods team is planning to make as many wishes come true through their Dare to Dream program. Lori shares, “We are working very hard to give our residents the best holiday season possible filled with love, compassion, laughs, and fun. Since I cannot be with my family, I just want to make every day special for our residents who are my family.” Thank you, Lori!


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Sharing notable people, events, and accomplishments from across the Midwest.

A Little Birdie Told Us...

Communities across the Jaybird Senior Living portfolio began receiving their EvaClean Protexus electrostatic sprayers.

JSL communities unveiled newwebsites created in partnership with G5, an indstry expert in web design and marketing.

Lauri Fulkerth, Community Director, celebrated 13 years at Arlington Place of Pocahontas. Congratulations, Lauri!

A virtual party was held for Darren Oltman, Lead Resident Assistant at Arlington Place of Grundy Center, for achieving 20 years of service. Thank you, Darren!

RiverView Ridge opened on October 26th, offering Independent and Assisted Living apartments to seniors in Rock Valley, Iowa.

Nicole Slayton, Assistant Director at Marla Vista Assisted Living successfully completed the CBRF Administrator course. Congratulations Nicole!

Rachel Ricke, Staff Accountant, welcomed 6lbs 1oz baby girl Isabelle “Izzy” on Thursday, November 5th at 9:25 PM. Welcome to the Jaybird Senior Living Family!


Vo l . 1, I ss . 2

Adapting to Excel Written by Peter Ulstad, VP of Finance

The Covid-19 pandemic rapidly forced an unfamiliar and uncertain world on all of us back in March 2020. Jaybird Senior Living quickly reacted by putting measures in place to ensure the safety of the seniors who choose to call our communities “home.” Behind the scenes, our team rapidly collaborated and implemented procedures to allow for business to continue as close to normal as possible while elevating precautions at the property-level. Because we care for the population’s most vulnerable, our Clinical Care team was tasked with determining how to best support community nurses and resident assistants without being in person nearly as often to mitigate the risk of unintentionally transferring the virus. Protocols for quarantining after travel, potential exposure, and positive test results were formed. Physical building changes were made to accommodate social distancing and update conference calls were held multiple times per week to discuss new developments in what was known about the novel coronavirus and it’s spread. While living in one of our communities is the best and safest choice for many older adults, our Sales and Marketing teams faced new struggles in relaying crucial information to prospective seniors. No longer could prospective residents meander through model apartments or dine with their future neighbors during their visit. On-site Community Relations Coordinators conducted one-on-one virtual tours, taking care to keep in constant communication with inquiries. This was in addition to their new

responsibilities of delivering meals to apartments, pushing around activity and beverage carts, and scheduling window visits for loved ones. Jaybird Senior Living Portfolio Leaders, who traditionally spent nearly every day in different communities, were forced to learn how to support Community Directors from afar through the use of technology. Monthly in-service training shifted online, and everyone got familiar with seeing what each teammember had set up as their ‘home office.’ Even the finance team exited the corporate offices and moved operations into their homes in order to protect each other, slow the spread, and flatten the curve. Not only has this been an unprecedented time in terms of the public health crisis, but also a major shift in the way our organization did business. Our ‘high- touch’ organization had to get ‘high-tech’ overnight. To allow for our teammembers to do their jobs more effectively in this new environment, we put a variety of technological solutions into place. We realized early on that to best communicate with one-another, we needed to see each other. This prompted the use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo Meeting and more. While we were aware of these platforms pre-pandemic, we are all quite familiar now! The dress shirts and slacks have largely been replaced with 5k t-shirts, band hoodies, and ball caps, but seeing each other while we work together, albeit virtually, has greatly improved our effectiveness and reduced the feeling of being disconnected from others while working remotely.

In this shift, we also created efficiencies by putting new programs in place such as an expense reporting program that enhanced the flow of our billing process, improved access to necessary data and freed up time to support our communities. With the high demand for community teammembers, we also implemented an applicant tracking system that helped us quickly post open positions, review job seeker resumes and make hires that improved our workforce. These enhancements to the way we do business make it possible for our team members to continue to support the communities, even if they cannot be there in person as often as they were in the past. Most of all, it allows the teams in the communities to mitigate administrative responsibilities and spend more time doing what they do best, which is providing a world-class place to live for the residents in our communities. While the COVID-19 pandemic added unexpected potholes and, in some cases, entire roadblocks, it forced us to think outside the box and elevate initiatives that had been on our radar. In the end, it is our hope to rebound and innovate in ways we never thought possible… for the good of our residents and the teammembers who have loyally served our communities.


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208 35TH ST DR SE, STE 500 CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52403

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BY PHONE Tol l Free: 1-800-366-6716 Anonymous Feedback Hotl ine: 1-833-243-7326 BY MAIL 208 35th St Dr SE, Ste 500 Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

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