SKIE Secrets print (excerpt)

S.K.I.E. Secrets

Chapter One The Body

On the outskirts of the city… Stepping off the Transporter, two uniformed individuals landed in a pile of muck. They were wearing black and blue uniforms with a badge on the front that read Universal Environmental Agency. The girl sighed irritably. “Why do we always get the messy jobs?” The man grinned. “Because I requested them ‘specially for you Nika.” Nika glared. “Jackass.” The two of them traveled along the shore of the river. “Now where the hell did our virtual system detect something?” Nika asked. “Somewhere by a big tree. And if I remember correctly, it’s your turn to get wet.” Nika stared out at the large tree that bent over the river. The branches seemed to claw out, and one branch was so long that it dipped into the water. With a big sigh, Nika waded through the water until she reached the branch. She was waist deep. The wetsuit protected her from the cold, murky water, which was the only perk of the job. As Nika reached the branch, she noticed something attached to it. It must have been the abnormality in the water that their system detected. She reached down and squished the black blob in her gloved hands. She couldn't lift it. Yanking on it harder, the object started to rise up, and Nika realized it wasn't stuck, it was attached to something. She got it untied from the branch and tugged it. The entire thing rose up, and for a split second, she couldn't understand what to make of this rather large object until she saw the foot attached to the leg that she thought was a tree branch because of the black substance on it. Nika released a squeal. “Jay! Jay, get over here!” "What?" he yelled from the shore. "I think it's a body! No, I'm quite sure it's a body!" Nika rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Jerk.” “Look. That must be the tree,” he pointed.


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