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Welcome to TransIndus

Expert guides and tour leaders take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on enjoying every aspect of your award-winning TransIndus holiday. Why not put us to the test? Call to speak with one of our team or drop in at our refurbished Victorian fire station in South Ealing to discuss your next holiday to Asia over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

For nearly three decades, TransIndus has blazed new trails across Asia, devising innovative itineraries and facilitating meaningful interaction with local people across the continent. Proud recipients of several awards, we are a family- owned business committed to providing exciting journeys for discerning travellers. Our tours reflect a deep knowledge of Asia’s multi-faceted culture, history and cuisine – an understanding derived in part from our own Asian heritage. To help travellers develop a more rounded understanding of their destinations and host communities, the routes we create combine the must-see sights of a region with carefully selected, off-track gems. Drawing on continual on-the-ground research, our in-depth knowledge is the main thing that sets us apart from other tour operators. It means we are able to offer inspirational experiences that linger in the memory of our guests long after their journey ends.

Amrit Singh - MD

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