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technical qualifications.AtWaterfront UTC, we are committed to the highest standards of achievement and attention to detail. Our students seek to be the best they can be in their chosen field. We develop your ability to work effectively, both independently and as team members. Your innovative, creative and dynamic attitude towards working and learning will ensure that you are both highly employable and successful in obtaining places at universities or with employers of your choice. I am privileged to lead Waterfront UTC. My goal is to ensure that your individual, and our collective success is at the heart of every action and decision made at the school.

Education serves many purposes, one of which is to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will lead to the very best life opportunities available to you. Waterfront UTC is the provider of first- class education for young people, Years 9-13, who wish to excel in the fields of Engineering and Construction. If you have a desire to specialise in engineering, be it product-design & manufacture, mechanical, electrical & electronic engineering, or in construction, be it civil engineering, architecture, surveying or project management, then Waterfront UTC is most definitely the place for you. Education is about people, your aspirations and your ability to achieve. Waterfront UTC offers an alternative way of achieving your goals. Our state-of-the-art learning environment reflects industry standards, and provides you with the opportunity to work with and learn from leading professionals in their field of expertise. You will be given every opportunity to be successful and graduate from Waterfront UTC with a portfolio of traditional GCSEs and A Levels, as well as industry-respected

Mr Spencer Bennett, Head of School

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Our Ethos

and Values At Waterfront UTC, we provide a safe environment for everyone. We strive to create a culture of dignity, respect and trust, whilst engendering professionalism and leadership to make a positive difference. We inspire and motivate to achieve enduring excellence. We aim to:

Offer a new opportunity for students wanting to pursue an Engineering or Construction career

Inspire all students to achieve academic excellence

Work with a wide range of industrial professional partners to expand opportunities for our students

Ensure our curriculum meets the needs of our students and partners

Value our staff and those in our community

Provide a centre of technical excellence


04 My son likes it very much and has said he has learnt more than he ever did at his last school. I am impressed by the way it has changed his behaviour. “ ” Parent, 2020



Waterfront UTC offers the best of both worlds: students study in a work-like environment while still experiencing all the benefits that traditional schools offer. Waterfront UTC has a curriculum that seeks to prepare students to maximize their opportunities for future careers in Construction and Engineering, while keeping other career routes open. The curriculum provides a blend of academic and technical learning.

Year 9-11 Curriculum

In Years 9-11, we offer the following GCSE and BTEC options:




Language & Literature

including Triple Science

Design & Technology



Technical Award

Computer Science



We also deliver our statutory responsibility to teach PSHE/RE and Sex Education through Company Time, Assemblies and Drop Down Days.

Year 12-13 Curriculum

Programmes of study for A-Level standard courses are for students who have achieved at least five grade 5s in appropriate GCSE subjects, including English and Maths (there may be some flexibility in this). Our Sixth Form follows a programme based on BTEC National (Level 3) qualifications in either Engineering or Construction & the Built Environment, and/or A-Levels. Students who have achieved grade 4 at GCSE in English and Maths have the opportunity to study and retake their GCSE English and Maths exams. Students can study:


Technology A-Level




Computer Science




Physics & Applied Science



Level 3 BTEC



The Waterfront building is fully equipped with state of the art facilities to enable and enhance the ‘learning by doing’ approach to delivering the Engineering and Construction focus of the UTC. These facilities have been carefully developed in close collaboration with our employer sponsors. This approach is also exemplified by the internals of the facility itself, with them being particularly designed to create a live learning laboratory to enable students to understand the construction and engineering sectors, and operational features of a state of the art, environmentally friendly building. The internals of the building have also been designed to create a business-like environment, in keeping with the ethos and focus of the UTC. The building is fully ICT enabled to permit students to mirror industry practice, as well as enhancing their own learning.


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For The Future

Waterfront UTC’s core partners are unified in their ambition to bring to Medway a world-class education facility; one that is informed by the region’s rich heritage and driven by the needs of young people in the modern working world. By providing real-time projects and academic rigour, the UTC environment equips students with the specialist skills, practical knowledge and academic know-how to fully realise their potential in the modern world of work. Our lead partners include:




With widely reported skills shortages in both the engineering and construction sectors, the UTC’s aim is to train confident, highly competent individuals to fill the roles of the future and we are delighted that the outcome of our summer results have led to some very positive student destinations data. The majority of the 36 students in Year 13 studied Construction and Engineering in a combination of Diploma (equivalent to 2 A-Levels) or the Extended (equivalent to 3 A-Levels). The average grade for these was a Merit+. 98% of BTEC entries achieved a Pass or better. 26% of these entries achieved a Distinction or Distinction*. Disadvantaged students’ progress has improved and is now inline with whole school progress, and lower ability students have made progress, too. The school’s specialisms of Engineering and Construction supported another significant improvement to a progress score in the open category.

100% Success in Post 16 Choices

100% Success in Post 19 Choices



School Day


9:10 10:10 10:30 12:30 13:00 15:00


Company Time Period 1 Break Periods 2&3 Lunch Periods 4&5 End


Company Time Period 1 Break Periods 2&3


Students may be instructed to attend intervention sessions between 3:30pm – 4.15pm fromMonday –Thursday.

My child feels happy and safe coming into school each day... the Senior Leadership and SENCO departments are superb and communication is fantastic between school and home. “ ” Parent, 2020 09



At Waterfront UTC we mirror the working world in every possible way. All students and staff wear professional business-like attire; this includes travelling to and from the UTC. We believe students should take pride in their appearance as this conveys a positive message about their readiness to learn and their commitment to the workplace. Our students say this is a change from their previous school and makes a big difference to their mindset being in a professional environment.


• Dark suit • A blazer • Shirt, worn with collar buttoned up • Tie • Black or brown smart leather shoes (not sandals, trainers/sport or canvas shoes)


• Dark suit (skirt or trousers) • A blazer • Blouse or smart top (no strappy or strapless tops) • Trousers, a smart skirt or dress (skirts must be below the knee length and not denim, lycra or leather - no leggings) • Black/brown smart leather, low-heeled shoes (not sandals, trainers/sport or canvas shoes)

Plain v-neck jumpers can be worn over shirts, blouses or smart tops as long as ties are visible. Jumpers with logos are not allowed. For PE, students must wear appropriate and comfortable leisure wear: tracksuits, shorts, trainers etc.

For Health and Safety Reasons:

• Long hair must be tied back during practical sessions. • Jewellery should consist of stud earrings only. Bangles and rings are to be avoided. A wristwatch may be worn. • Waterfront UTC takes no responsibility for lost/stolen/damaged jewellery. • Make-up, if worn, should be subtle. • No false nails.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

The school will provide the majority of PPE such as lab coats, high visibility jackets, safety glasses and hard hats, but for hygiene reasons, we ask that every student has their own pair of safety shoes/boots. All borrowed equipment will be appropriately sanitised after use.


Waterfront UTC is a new, unique education pathway for young people. AtWaterfront UTC you will gain a good, all-round education, achieving GCSE and A Level qualifications, as well as getting the opportunity to study technical qualifications in Engineering and Construction & the Built Environment. Our curriculum, along with a blend of academic and technical learning, puts our students in a stronger position, and prepares them for a future in the Engineering and Construction fields. Our environment is mature, and we treat students like adults. Unlike Secondary schools, we take our students from Year 9, and instead of a traditional uniform, our students wear smart business-like attire. We believe that this helps to prepare our students for life after education. Our fit-for-purpose building includes industry standard equipment to help students learn by doing. The wealth of experience in both education and industry create an outstanding team of committed professionals. Many of our staff members come from the fields in which they teach. Everyone at Waterfront UTC is committed to working closely with our students, their families and our industry partners to deliver the best experience and opportunities to each individual student at Waterfront UTC. You will learn alongside the University of Greenwich and some of the region’s largest employers to gain the skills and confidence to succeed and achieve your future goals. Many of our partners offer internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and we provide direct links into higher education, which gives our students the best pathways into furthering their educational journeys, and building them up for success in their futures. What Makes Us Different?


Hear what our students have to say about Waterfront UTC

My daughter joined in September. I have had more correspondence from your school in 2 short months than I ever had in 2 years at her old school! My daughter is happy and has grown so much in confidence since starting. “ ” Parent, 2020 12

Admissions and

Extra Information

Waterfront UTC is committed to a straightforward, open, fair and transparent admissions arrangement. The school acts fully in accordance with the School Admissions Code (as revised February 2012), the School Admissions Appeals Code and admissions law as they apply to academies. These admissions arrangements support the wider ethos of Medway, as a hub of innovation and Waterfront UTC aspires to be the Year 9 - Year 13 establishment of choice for both pupils and employers across the region. In developing our admissions policy, we have looked to strike a balance between admitting Medway students as well as students from other districts whilst minimising the impact on any individual school. We have also ensured that no individual will be advantaged in gaining admission to the UTC by virtue of where they live. Waterfront UTC has defined three zones, from which it will recruit students. In addition, 10% of places remaining after the admission of students, with statements of SEN naming the UTC, as well as looked after children or children who were previously looked after, will be available to students applying from outside the three zones. The zones provide opportunities for pupils from across the region to access the innovative curriculum offered by Waterfront UTC. These zones will also maximise opportunities for employers to engage with Waterfront UTC whilst having the opportunity to work directly with students from the same geographical area through offering work placements and ultimately employment opportunities.


We are a part of The Howard Academy Trust - a larger community of schools with a shared moral purpose; to make a positive difference to the lives of the young people in our community.

As a Trust, we currently comprise of Medway secondary and primary schools. We have future growth plans extending into North Kent and have been selected by the DfE and Kent County Council to open a new secondary presumption free school in Margate in September 2023. Learning and growth are at the heart of THAT ethos. We recognise and value the unique talents and expertise within our community and aim to create a culture of dignity, respect and ambition, where all can thrive. This is achieved through: Excellent teaching and learning that promotes inclusivity; Regular opportunities for collaborative CPD to ensure best practice across academies; A proactive network for joint working across academies, for staff at various career stages; The highest standards of behaviour and conduct achieved through clear expectations and positive relationships; The unique character of each academy is valued and contributes to the THAT whole Trust ethos; Shared whole trust values of dignity, respect and ambition; High aspirations for all involved with the Trust and a solutions led approach; Each academy is a hub for its local community and families; Facing outwards and working in collaboration with other organisations and stakeholders; A centralised team that allows academies leaders to focus on their core purpose of education.

We are enormously proud of our schools and of the leaders, governors, teachers and support staff who every day ensure our pupils enjoy and make good progress in their learning.

The Howard School

Miers Court Primary School

Deanwood Primary School

Thames View Primary School

Temple Mill Primary School

Waterfront UTC


Find out more about our Trust at: www.thatrust.org.uk


Contact Us

Address: Waterfront UTC, South Side Three Rd, Chatham, Gillingham, ME4 4FQ

Office Email: office@waterfront-that.org.uk

Telephone: 01634 505800

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