HHPLIFT 2022 Promo Catalog

kitting & assembly When you hire HHP LIFT for kitting & assembly, you instantly add social impact to your gifts and shipments. All of this while utilizing HHP LIFT ’s fullfillment operations without needing to build or buy the infrastructure yourself. We work with each customer to ensure items are assembled exactly as they request before orders are shipped to customers. BENEFITS •Flexibility to economically add features and capabilities as business grows •Competitive pricing •Free bulk shipping within a 5-mile radius of our office at 60616


•Workforce specifically trained in kitting & assembly •Customized services and expert advice to meet your needs •Technology-driven inventory management

FEATURES •Utilizing HHP LIFT kitting and fullfillment supports our workforce and the LIFT TM Program, where people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment in Chicago are onboarded, trained, and mentored for more than a job, but a successful career •Supporting a nonprofit for this service showcases a commitment to corporate social responsibility, and leads to growth and expansion for all •Your IMPACT : providing employment opportunities for people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment •We understand all types of budgets, and can tailor kitting & assembly services to meet your needs and grow your business with a social impact component


• All HHP LIFT products •A mix of HHP LIFT and outside items you send in •All outisde items

All quotes custom based on project.


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