Spotlight: Do you see yourself ever running for political office? Tomi Lahren: I don’t envision that for myself because the dirty business of politics isn’t appeal- ing to me. I wouldn’t enter myself into that arena unless I truly felt my voice and leadership was absolutely necessary. For now, I am happy to be on this side holding our elected leaders account- able and exposing the swamp. Spotlight: Most if not all of our readers have seen one of your “Final Thoughts” segments, and we have to ask where the signature hand gesture sign off came from? Tomi Lahren: The wave at the end started way back at the Blaze. My style has always been very matter of fact and that ending just caps off my message. I am usually delivering a monologue that is punchy, direct and passionate. The wave at the end is almost a little wink and a nod to my haters.

“ Your confidence and self- worth are the most valuable thing you have. They cannot take that away from you.” Spotlight: Often Tomi you are in the spotlight for your controversial comments, but when it comes to your personal life you fly pretty much under the radar of the public eye. How are you able to do that? Tomi Lahren: Unfortunately, I don’t fly under the radar most of the time. I get a kick out of the articles that tell me who I am dating. It’s comical sometimes. I like to strike a balance between letting people in and showing them every side of me and also keeping some things private and close to the vest. It really is a balancing act. I will say, part of the reason I have the career and the brand I have is that I am not afraid to show people all the dimensions of me. I do an unconventional job, but I am just like anybody else. I don’t mind showing people that. It’s how they relate to me and know I am a real human being. It’s a bond I form with my audience that has allowed me to build the following I have.

Spotlight: Where do you see yourself profes- sionally in the next 5 years? Tomi Lahren: When we make plans, God laughs. I don’t know where the next 5 years will take me, but I can promise you this, I will always be 100% authentically and unapologetically me. There’s not enough money or fame in the world that could sidetrack me away from my values and core beliefs. I won’t bend for anyone or anything. Freedom and the ability to tell it like it is matters most to me, above all else. If you want to get more of Tomi Lahren you can watch her daily commentary on Fox’s streaming platform, Fox Nation. You can also follow Tomi on social media @TomiLahren for Facebook, Ins- tagram, and Twitter. So, in the words of Tomi herself, “God bless and take care.” “Freedom and the ability to tell it like it is matters most to me, above all else.”





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