Decluttering and re-organization can seem daunting to many of us. Regardless of your per- sonality or scenario, the approach is the same. Steps to decluttering happiness! Where to start? Decluttering can be as manageable or as monu- mental as you make it. It is important to start small and start early! Sometimes it gets messy before it gets cleaned

It is important to stick to the plan: declutter first, then organize. Once you have space freed up, you can easily figure out where all the remaining items go. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of the plan! Before you start, write it down. Go back to that check list and re-read it until it sticks. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

up and that is okay! When you know you’re going to be hitting the boxes in the near future, start moving items that belong elsewhere. Get every- thing to the area that it should be in. Then when it’s go-time, pick a room to start in, and don’t move on until it’s completed. Remember slow and steady wins the race! Next, make three piles and yes you will need all three: Pile #1: KEEP – This pile is important, conve- nient, relevant, or items you can’t let go of (yet!)

Pile #2: DONATE/SELL - This pile is filled with items that you know someone else can use. Let’s do our part for the earth and make our garbage pile as small as possible! Some of these items you don’t necessarily want to let go of but knowing that someone else will love it as much as you do makes it a bit easier to say bye! Pile #3: JUNK – Let’s do a dump run! It’s got to go! It doesn’t work or has no life left in it for someone else to enjoy. These items are general- ly not close to the heart, so let ‘er rip! If you get in the zone and stick to this plan, you’ll be ahead in no time! Letting go is some- times hard, but the clarity you feel at the end, when you’re lighter and more organized, goes unmatched!





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