long) and you’ll be able to manage your expecta- tions and reset your goals so that they look more feasible for the long haul. ACCEPT CHANGE: As someone who does not deal with change well, this has been something I’ve really had to learn to get comfortablewith. Changes happen inpeople’s lives every day, whether we’re in a pandemic or not, so if you feel that you’re standing still look for signs that might be pointing you in a direction you never even considered. Sometimes changes come to us when we least expect it and if we accept them and allow them in, they usually lead to something positive down the road. Change can feel really uncomfortable but when you lean into the discomfort there’s usually something great on the other side.

work while helping your kids with online school, don’t give up. When life or your business contin- ues to test your will, keep moving forward, keep trusting your instincts and keep standing. And always remember that even if you’re standing still, you are still standing. ~ Shannon is the Co-Founder & CEO of FanSaves and has over 16 years of marketing experience and a flair for entrepreneurship. She is the co-host of the Living the Startup Podcast and an emerging public speaker with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs on their start-up journeys. Connect with her on Linkedin, follow her on Instagram and learn more about her here:

LEAN IN: Lean into the stillness and the quiet that comes with not having to attend conferences or net- working events (in person) every other day. Rarely in our lives will we be given the chance to do so many things virtually, in the comfort of our non-business attire, and even though working from home can get monotonous it might be something you miss in the future. So lean into it. Use this time to be more creative and lean into your imaginative side, allowing the lack of hustle and bustle to really tap into your deep-seeded passions and desires. Replace the hours you used to sit in traffic with hours spent reading, drawing, painting, coding or creating. Most importantly, don’t give up. Even if your business has closed, don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. Even if you’re struggling with being home all day and missing your social life, don’t give up. Even if your frustrated with trying to

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