“Hopefully we will all see an amazing roar back in 2021, your support to us and all local small businesses is extremely appreciated,”

“it’s been an interesting year watching all of the business- es, who support us and serve our product, be brought to an abrupt halt,”

Over the years Shaughnessy and Piotto have per- fected their craft, never the easy way, but you can rest assured their knowledge and technique are undeniable and well honed as it comes out in the taste of their product. Knowing how Shaughnessy and Piotto like to stay involved with the business, when they encoun- tered their first supply chain issue, they decided to strap on the rocket packs, and by rocket packs we mean that they got on a plane, and they headed to Nicaragua to source their very own direct trade beans. It was important to Shaughnessy and Piotto to know the farm where their beans were grown, working conditions were fair and we could inte- grate into a brokerage thanks to global shipping solutions. At first, they fire roasted the beans themselves and got pretty good at it only to realize the

process was not efficient enough, so they decided to have their direct-trade Columbian and Nicara- guan beans professionally roasted locally to the perfect medium dark roast. Shaughnessy and Piotto’s trial and error approach with the start to the business is very different now however, all the challenges they have faced and overcome even- tually lead them to the efficient and passionate way they now get their 100% Arabica and 100% Organic Coffee to you. If you are the do-it-yourself kind, then why not grab a bag of Nitro Bros’ tasty beans and try hot brewing or with a little instruction, which can be found on the back of the bag, DIY your own Nitro Cold-Brew at home. Whether it’s hot or cold, you can experiment with your grind size to yield different flavour characteristics to match your personal tastes. For us here at the office we prefer it professionally brewed, packaged and ready to drink right out of the can, ice cold.

When asked about the effect that the pandemic has had on the business Shaughnessy said, “Well, put simply, it’s been an interesting year watching all of the businesses, who support us and serve our product, be brought to an abrupt halt, now for an astonishing 3rd time. Ambiguous help from the government, seeing the service pivot and watching people show their support for local has been nice.” Shaughnessy went on to say, “The service industry which we so closely associate ourselves with, took a beating. Yet the necessary persever- ance was evident, and well received by many. At Nitro Bros, we have appreciated the support as we pivoted to online sales and quick delivery.” Nitro Bros offer free doorstep delivery in the Calgary and Kelowna areas. If you just want to have our amazing high caffeine product readily on hand, they can ship anywhere coast to coast

for a flat fee; so coffee enthusiasts and clients from Victoria to Halifax to enjoy and share this amazing, caffeinated beverage with friends and family. If your business would like to carry Nitro Bros nitro cold-brew reach out to them at info@nitro- as they do have wholesale rates available. Whether for business or pleasure or maybe a little of both, go to to order today. “Hopefully we will all see an amazing roar back in 2021, your support to us and all local small busi- nesses is extremely appreciated,” said Shaugh- nessy, with the sincerity of someone who is truly thankful for the support of his customers. So, let’s raise a cup, glass, or can, to the good life and remember keep caffeinated and support local our friends!





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