this industry and we want to set the benchmark for the industry as they continue to build strong relationships with their customers. As Jamanda says, “We offer quality repairs, maintenance and honest service at a fair price, why would people go anywhere else?” and she is right. Driven Automotive also offers a Loyalty Card program to reward repeat customers. “We want customers to know we appreciate them. We offer a $50 discount on their next invoice by seeing us for five oil change services. This can be applied to any parts or service. It’s a nice treat that everyone appreciates,” Jamanda said. Everyone also appreciates the Pick-Up, Drop-Off Service at Driven Automotive, especially during the current pandemic. Driven Automotive also offers on all services that take longer than an hour and half, to drive customers to and from their home or workplace in the Hammonds Plains-Bedford and Larry Uteck areas however, in saying that they must follow the Health Nova Scotia protocols to ensure the safety of their workers and customers. Driven Automotive’s growth has been substantial since opening in 2012. “We have doubled the size of our building and we have quadrupled our sales in comparison to year one,” Jamanda said. “The market here required a high-quality aftermarket repair shop – and we continue to fill that need. Nova Scotia can be tough on cars and vehicle owners in our area appreciate quality work, but they want a good experience, too. We just give them what they want. I think what stands out to me the most is how our customers appreciate us every visit, not just that one occasion. Everyday we get to be on the receiving end of apprecia- tion due to our positive attitudes, our honesty, and our hard work. You don’t know how grateful we are every day for our customers.” Jamanda is also about inspiring the next gener- ation of women entrepreneurs as her daughter can be found many days over the summer in her snack shop located in the customer waiting area offering home baked treats and lemonade. As Jamanda will tell you, “It is never too early to learn about business.” Additional amenities in their clean and comfortable waiting area include

Rob Newell Co-Owner Automotive Technician - Manager

“We have doubled the size of our building and we have quadrupled our sales in comparison to year one,”

Jamanda Doyle Co-Owner Manager





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