INNISFAIL, AB – JUNE 14-16, 2024 Daines Ranch Pro Rodeo Maple Leaf Circuit PRCA/WPRA Approval requested Montana Circuit Co-approval requested

+CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to all entry fees as per the rule book. *BR – Does not include Day Money.

WAINWRIGHT, AB - JUNE 21-23, 2024 Wainwright Stampede SMS Equipment Pro Tour Event

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3 Perfs: June 14 @7pm, June 15 @7pm, June 16 @2pm Perf Order: BB, SW, TR, SB, BAW, TDR, LBR, BR SMS Equipment Pro Rodeo Tour PRCA/WPRA Approval Requested • 4 Perfs: Fri June 21 @ 7:00pm, Sat June 22@1:00pm, Sat June 22 @9 : 00pm, Sun June 23 @1:00pm • Perf Order: LBR, BB, CR, BAW, SB, TR, JSR, SW, BR • 1st go for TDR, SW, TR: 8:00 AM Thurs June 20 • Slack: Thurs June 20, 2:00 pm SW, CR, TR • Slack: Friday June 21 @8:00am LBR, BAW • Purse for Major Events: $12,500 ($12,500 per side TR) • Permits: Yes • No Permits or Semi -P ro for LBR • Purse for JSR: $1500 • Committee Contact: Art Melin • Rodeo Office: • Rodeo Grounds: 1401- 1st Ave Wainwright, AB • Arena: Outdoor • Main Stock Contractor: Vold Rodeo • Other Contractors: Outlaw Buckers, Primetime, Duffy • Steer Riding Contractor: Macza • Timed Event Stock Contractor: Manerd Bird Memberships Due: May 29 @4pm Online Entries: June 2 @8am-June 3 @2pm CRES Entries: June 3 @8am-2pm Grace Period: June 3 @3-4pm Callback: Will be available on member login & website Re-entries: June 6 @10:00 am-noon (call in only) Trades: Wednesday June 12@2:00pm GROUND RULES: • SB, BB, BR - Maximum forty - eight (48) contestants in each event, top 100 blended CPRA/PRCA standings, as of May 27, 2024 will be used to determine draw outs. If the qualifications are not filled by contestants with dollars won leaving open positions; the remaining open- ings will be filled by a random draw of card holders then semi-pro card holders, then permits. • SB, BB, BR, LBR, BAW- one go round. • SW, TDR, TR. Two (2) go rounds. • First go round for SW, TDR, TR will be Thursday June 20, 2024 @ 8:00AM • Enter for second (2) go, position will be reversed for the first (1st) go • Second (2nd) go trades permitted. • $10 stock charge per contestant per event in SW, TDR, TR, BAW • $5 stock charge per contestant in the TR ($10/team) • LBR pattern will be harrowed during the performances at the discretion of the committee, LBR director and Official Judges.

Slack: June 13 @2pm

Slack Order: SW, TR, BAW, TDR, LBR

Purse for SB: $7000

Purse for Major Events: $4500 ($4500 TR – Header - $4500 TR – Heeler)

Purse for BAW: $2500

Permits: Yes

Committee Contact: Kyle Daines Rodeo Office: 403-598-0311

Rodeo Grounds: Daines Ranch RR 284, Red Deer County, AB Main Stock Contractor: C5 Rodeo Company Timed Event Stock Contractor: Lazy B Timed Event Arena: Outdoor

Memberships Due: May 22 @4pm Online Entries: May 28 @8am- May 29 @2pm CRES Entries: May 29 @8am-2pm Grace Period: May 29 @3pm-4pm Callback: Will be available on member login & website Trades: June 5@2:00pm Contestant Info: • If a contestant is entered in the Wildwood Bronc Busting, they may only buddy in a group of contestants entered in Wildwood, or as an individual and may not enter other events aside from Saddle Bronc unless in a split entry. • Only contestants entered in the event being run, will be allowed in the arena at the time. • Pre-conditioning of timed event cattle, if necessary, will be done a minimum of 2 hours before the first performance. • Arena to be cleared 2 hours prior to rodeo performance. Turnout/alternates: Contestants who have originally entered and were eligible at the time of entry but were drawn out will be added to the alternate list. These contestants will be no- tified of any turn outs or DR releases and be given the option of Re entry up to 24 hours prior to the rodeo turn out dead- line, any turnouts done after the alternate time frame will be filled by walk up replacements only. If stock has already been drawn in the roughstock, they will draw stock from a pool of animals consisting of all the turned out stock for that perfor- mance and all re ride stock for that performance. Entry Fees: SB: $90 BB, BR: $70 TDR, SW: $175 LBR: $100 TR: $200 BAW: $125

CRN Business Section – May, 2024 – 50

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