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high mark contestant on the cowboy spur ride will break ties. If still tied the Canadian Standings as of June 18, 2024, will be the tie breaker. LBR - If a tie exists all will be taken over twelve (12.) The rake will be after ½ of the contestants in the finals. Turning Out of Finals - Contestants who turn out of the Finals must notify the local Ro- deo Office by Sunday, June 30, 2024 not later than 6:00 pm MT - A five hundred ($500) turn out fine will apply if contestant fails to notify by the specified time. - Contestants who are a notified turnout or contestants who are unavailable at the start of the section of their event will be replaced by the next available contestant; next is defined by the 2024 Ponoka Stampede standings. - SB, BB, BR, TDR, SW, TR, LBR - Ponoka Stampede reserves the right to roll contestants into the Finals (to total12 con- testants) in the event or turn outs. In case of ties between 13-14 etc., tie breaker rules to decide the next contestant in to the finals the procedure will be the same as determining the top twelve (12) qualifiers. INTERPRETATION OF GROUND RULES WILL BE AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE PONOKA STAMPEDE RULES COMMITTEE Ponoka Stampede Showdown Format Cowboy Rule – You must make a qualified ride or run to be paid. NO GROUND MONEY All monies paid in the SHOWDOWN will count for CPRA / PRCA standings In the event of no qualified rides / runs in the Showdown, there will be no payout and the average winner will be the Stampede Champion. 1. There will be $15,000 held out per event for the Show- down split as follows: Four (4) Qualified Rides / Runs

TURN OUT / ALTERNATE PROCEDURE - IF MORE THAN 72 ENTRIES CONTESTANTS DRAWN OUT OF THE POOL WILL BE NUMBERED AS DRAWN OUT. (IE. FIRST DRAWN OUT WILL BE NUMBER ONE, SECOND DRAWN OUT WILL BE NUMBER TWO. ETC.) THIS WILL BE THE ORDER OF ALTERNATE CONTESTANTS. CONTESTANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THERE ALTERNATE POSITION NUMBER AT CALL BACK AT WHICH TIME THEY MUST PROVIDE THEIR CONTACT INFOR- MATION TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR RE-ENTRY. IF OR WHEN A CONTESTANT TURNS OUT THE NEXT ALTERNATE AVAILABLE WILL BE CONTACTED FOR RE-ENTRY. Medical Exemption - Consideration will be given those members who qualified in 2023 but because of injuries were unable to compete at any rodeo after July 1, 2023. - A letter on doctor’s letterhead must be submitted to the CRES office prior to entries opening, this letter must detail the time frame in which contestant was unable to compete. *** Injury information must be given to CRES at time of entry. Novice Saddle Bronc & Novice Bareback - No more than two (2) contestants can enter in a buddy group in both novice events - Contestants are welcome to enter open & novice events but cannot be up the same day Steer Riding Format - Format will be determined by the committee at entries closing time (one head or two) June 25 th Performance - A maximum of twelve (12) contestants will be drawn into the first (1 st ) performance at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 27. (Will accept 16 contestants in the LBR) - There will be no Novice Saddle Bronc, Novice Bareback or Steer Riding held during the first (1 st ) performance. PLEASE NOTE: SECTION VII, A. 1. & 3. AND SECTION VIII A. 13. OF THE CPRA RULEBOOK WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED BY PRO RODEO OFFICIALS Finals - $5000 will be held out in each of the seven (7) major events for the finals. - Four (4) monies will be paid in the short go in the seven (7) major events. Split 40-30-20-10 TD, SW, TR - Top twelve (12), ties will be broken by the fastest time on any one head. If still tied, the tie will be broken by the sec- ond fastest time on any one head. If still tied the Canadian Standings as of June 18, 2024, will be the tie breaker. SB, BB, BR - Top 12. In the event of a tie, go back to judge’s card, the

1st 50% - $ 7500.00 2nd 25% - $ 3750.00 3rd 15% - $ 2250.00 4th 10% - $ 1500.00 Three (3) Qualified Rides / Runs 1 st 55%- $ 8250.00 2 nd 28%- $ 4200.00 3 rd 17%- $ 2550.00 Two (2) Qualified Rides/ Runs 1st - 100% - $ 15 000.00 2nd - 35% - $ 5250.00 One (1) Qualified Ride /Run 1 st - 100 % - $ 15,000 .00

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