TDR, SW: $ 200 LBR: $ 125 TR: $ 200 BAW: $ 125

LETHBRIDGE, AB – AUGUST 22-24, 2024 Lethbridge Pro Rodeo Maple Leaf Circuit Pro Tour Circuit PRCA/WPRA Approval Requested SMS Equipment Pro Tour Event

+CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to all entry fees as per the rule book. *BR – Does not include Day Money. ________________________________________ NANTON, AB – AUGUST 23-24, 2024 Clark Schlosser Memorial Rodeo Maple Leaf Circuit PRCA/WPRA Approval Requested

3 Perfs: Thurs Aug 22 @7pm, Fri Aug 23 @7pm, Sat Aug 24 @7pm Perf Order: LBR, BB, SW, BAW, SB, TDR, TR, BR

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Slack Fri Aug 23 @8:30am

Slack Order LBR, SW, BAW, TDR, TR Purse for Major Events: $8000 Purse for Team Roping: $5000 per side

BAW Purse: $4000

• • • • • • • • • •

2 Perfs: Fri Aug 23 @ 6: 0 0pm, Sat Aug 24 @6: 0 0pm

Permits Yes

Performance Order TBD Slack Friday Aug 23 @12pm

Committee Contact: Kynan Vine Rodeo Office: 403-328-4491

Slack Order TBD

Rodeo Grounds:3401 Parkside Drive South

Purse for Major Events: $2001 ($2000 per side TR)

Arena: Outdoor

BAW Purse: $2001

Main Stock Contractor: Duane Kesler Pro Rodeo Timed Event Stock Contractor: Shaw Timed Event

Permits Yes

Committee Contact: Shawna Bird Rodeo Office: 403-652-8208

Memberships Due: Aug 1@4pm Online Entries: Aug 4@8am- Aug 5 @2pm

Rodeo Grounds: 2320 Gold Course Road Hwy 533 East, Nanton, AB Main Stock Contractor: Macza Pro Rodeo Timed Event Stock Contractor: Lazy B Timed Event Arena: Outdoor

CRES Entries: Aug 5@8am-2pm Grace Period: Aug 5@3-4pm Callback: Will be available on member login & website Re Entries: Aug 7

• • •

Trades: Aug 13 @2:00pm Contestant Information: •

Memberships Due: Aug 1@4pm Online Entries: Aug 7@8am- Aug 8@2pm

CRES Entries: Aug 8@8am-2pm Grace Period: Aug 8@3-4pm Callback: Will be available on member login & website Trades: Aug 13 @2:00pm Contestant Information: • During timed events we will have 3 liners • All contestants MUST park in the area to the left of the main entrance. ONLY personell and spectators will be allowed to park up top in parking arenas. • Our insurance requires that barrel racers enter a holding pen leading up to the arena gate; the front gate will not open until the back gate closes. Contestants must enter the holding pen immediately after the contestant ahead of them enters the arena. The area outside the holding pen shares access to the rough stock arena for contestants and this is a safety issue. • All timed event contestants will enter from the back of the box. Team Roping Heelers, Tie Down Ropers, Hazers, and Breakaway Ropers will enter from a holding pen. • The timed event and rough stock arena are side by side and both will be used. Only one area will be used at a time but we will go back and forth between events with no breaks. • There will be no riding in the arenas August 22-24. There is a warm up arena. • Limited stalling available. To book email nantonagsociety@ Stalls must be pre-paid by e-transfer • Performance must be full before slack is offered

Maximum 10 competitors per event in the timed events per performance. All additional competitors will run in the slack. If animal escapes, for any reason, the spare animal will be used in the timed events. Competitor Hospitality and meal tickets will be in the secretary office for distribution to competitors. Indian Relay Races will run immediately following the last event of rodeo (Bull Riding)- Track crossing will close during the last event of rodeo (Bull Riding) and will open following the last heat of Relay Races. Should competitors still be in the infield during the last event of the rodeo, they will not be permitted to cross the track until after the final heat of relays has completed and the track crossing has been replaced. Absolutely not riding or warming up horses of any sort at any time will be permitted on the race track (property of Rocky Mountain Turf Club). Violators will be fined and subject to monetary renumera tions to repair damages to the race track. All garbage and waste from trailers must be placed in a trash receptacle.

Entry Fees: SB, BB, BR: $ 100

CRN Business Section – May, 2024 – 68

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