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Permits: Yes

Purse for BAW: $5000 Purse for JSR: $500

3 . The spares will be used in the case of a re -run. Will not run cattle back in the timed events. originally entered and were eligible at time of entry but were drawn out will be added to an alternate list. These contestants will be notified of any turn-outs or doctor releases and be given the option of re-entry up to the 24 hours prior to rodeo turn out deadline. If stock has already been drawn they will draw stock from a pool of animals consisting of all turned out stock and all re-ride stock for that performance. 2. Turn Out/Alternate Procedure: Contestants who have * If a contestant notifies a turn-out, DR or visible release and is replaced by an alternate, the alternate contestant will be responsible for the entry fees. If the contestant that notified the turnout or visible release is not replaced by an alternate, they will be responsible for the entry fee. If a contestant properly doctor releases they will not be responsi-ble for entry fees. * Pre-conditioning of livestock must be finished 2 hours prior to the rodeo start time. Contestant Info: 1. Contestants will park in the designated parking area only. Parking is limited. 2. There will be no horse pens set up while on the grounds. 3. No overnight camping. 4. Companion tickets for competitors are available on a first- come-first-served basis each day at the rodeo office. Of fice by the red Grand s tand. Contestants must obtain a ticket prior to 6pm (after which time tickets will be sold) Companion tickets are available in either the family section or 19+ Entry Fees: SB, BB, BR: $150 TDR, TR: $ 200

Committee Contact: Mary Macgregor Rodeo Office: 250-819-1049 (after Aug 15) Rodeo Grounds: 499 Lindley Creek RD, Merritt BC Main Stock Contractor: Macza Pro Rodeo Timed Event Stock Contractor: Lazy B Timed Event Steer Riding Contractor: Local beef cattle Arena: Outdoor

Memberships Due: Aug 8@4pm Online Entries: Aug 13 @8am- Aug 14 @2pm

CRES Entries: Aug 14 @8am-2pm Grace Period: Aug 14 @3-4pm Trades: Aug 20 @2:00PM Callback: Will be available on member login & website. Contestant Information: • No Barrels to be set up. • The Arena must be cleared one hour before slack & performances. . • Spare will be used for any re-runs in timed events. •

JSR-committee will provide local beef cattle for steer riding between 700 and 1,100 lbs consistent with CPRA Rules Access to grounds- Vought Street bridge lost in 2021 and not rebuilt DO NOT USE Google or GPS See map at Best access for truck and trailer is: Exit Hwy 5 Coquihalla S of Merritt Turn left on Cold Water Road just before built up part of Merritt Turn right on Pooley Ave, hurd road on right of Coldwater Turn left on Houston Street at T intersection Turn right on Midday Valley Road at T intersection Turn left on Lindley Creek Road Rodeo entrance on right just after Colletville Elementary School. Stay right down the fence and drive to parking area behind the east livestock pens

SW: $250 LBR: $175 BAW: $150 NSB, NBB: $40

Entry Fees: SB, BB, BR: $90

+CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to all entry fees as per the rule book. *BR – Does not include Day Money. ______________________________________

SW: $175 LBR: $100 TDR: $175 TR: $175 BAW: $150 JSR: $45 +CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to

MERRITT, BC – AUGUST 31, SEPTEMBER 1, 2024 Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo Maple Leaf Circuit PRCA/WPRA Approved •

all entry fees as per the rule book. *BR – Does not include Day Money.

2 Perfs: Sat Aug 31 @1pm, Sun Sept 1 @1pm Perf Order: LBR, BB, BSR, SW, TR, SB, TDR, BAW, BR

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Slack: Sat Aug 31 @9am

Slack Order: LBR, SW, TR, TDR, BAW

Purse for Major Events: $5000 ($5000 Per side TR)

CRN Business Section – May, 2024 – 70

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