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APRIL 2022

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Team Orange,

National County Government Month (NCGM), held each April, is an annual celebration of county government. Since 1991, the National Association of Counties (NACo) has encouraged counties to actively promote the services and programs we offer. While we haven ’ t scheduled any specific NCGM activities this year, through our normal activities this month we are already promoting awareness of child abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, older American awareness, and youth tobacco use cessation. Additionally, we are planning for next month ’ s Public Safety Building open house, conducting budget public hearings, informing voters about redistricting, and conducting emergency management training. I haven ’ t even begun to cover all that we have going on to help support our community across all departments. NCGM is an excellent opportunity to highlight effective county programs and raise public awareness and understanding about the various services provided to the community. But then again, so is every month. Let me take this opportunity to highlight the fact that we couldn ’ t do any of these things without our dynamic and committed employees. So, to every member of Team Orange, thanks for making Orange County a great place to be. We are working to support you, the way you support our community, and in this issue we share the details of our revised leave policies. Pending budget adoption later this month, we will share information about improvements to our pay plan in next month ’ s Orange County Insight. Stay tuned and thanks for what you do!

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Page | April, 2022 1 | April, 20 2

Orange County Board of Supervisors Approves Employee Leave Policy Revisions

By: Orange County Communications Department

At the Board of Supervisors ’ meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, adjustments to personnel policies related to paid leave were approved. The requested revisions were first brought before the Board by the Orange County Human Resources Department at the Board ’ s February 8, 2022 Worksession. They were adjusted over subsequent meetings following discussion and recommendations from the Board. The final amended policies (5.1, 5.2, 5.5, and 5.10 in Orange County ’ s Personnel Policies) will bring about several changes intended to align Orange County ’ s benefits with those of other localities, to make Orange County more competitive as an employer, and to retain current employees. The revisions will take effect in late April or early May. Below are highlights from the changes, but please review the appropriate policy or contact Human Resources for additional details.

Changes to Policy 5.1 - Annual Leave

• Paid Time Off (PTO) has been eliminated in favor of annual and sick leave for all full - time employees. Those previously earning PTO hours will have that time converted to annual and sick leave. • An additional “ Years of Service ” tier has been added for employees who have served at least fifteen (15), but less than twenty (20), years. Full - time employees entering this tier will receive an increase in paid annual leave accrual.

• Full - time employees will now receive one (1) paid personal day annually, which expires at year ’ s end.

• Orange County employees who leave, or are terminated, within their first year of service will not receive a payout of their accumulated annual leave.

Changes to Policy 5.2 - Sick Leave

• Permanent part - time employees whose standard schedule is at least twenty (20) hours per week will now receive 1.85 hours of paid sick leave per pay period.

• The six (6) week limitation on paid sick leave use for the birth of a child has been removed.

• Orange County employees who leave, or are terminated, within their first year of service will not receive a payout of their accrued sick leave.

Changes to Policy 5.5 - Bereavement Leave

• To better accommodate those not categorized as forty (40) hour employees, such as Fire & EMS or Sheriff ’ s Office employees, the amount of bereavement leave has been revised from twenty - four (24) hours to three (3) days. • It is no longer required that employees utilize bereavement leave in consecutive days, but it must be used within two (2) weeks of the family member ’ s passing.

Changes to Policy 5.10 - Donation of Sick Leave

• Permanent part - time employees are now eligible to request donated sick leave.

• Donated sick leave requests may not exceed twenty - one (21) days or 168 hours per illness/injury.

These explanations do not replace the official language in the Personnel Policy Manual. Employees with questions about these changes should contact Orange County Human Resources for clarification.

Page 2 | April, 2022

Annual Electronics Recycling Event Sparks Great Turnout By: Michelle Williams, Litter Control Committee Coordinator Photography Credit: Susan Pruitt, Landfill Scale Master

The Orange County Landfill, the Litter Control Committee (LCC), and Rappahannock Goodwill Industries (RGI) hosted an Electronics Recycling event on April 9, 2022. This event provided the community with the opportunity to properly dispose of electronic waste, which is generally considered anything that plugs into a wall or accepts batteries. Cars began lining up at the entrance to the Landfill at 7:30 a.m. At 8:00 a.m., volunteers and Landfill staff began directing traffic, which included both event participants, and those disposing of household trash. Volunteers and staff collected 8,976 lbs. of electronic recyclables from 91 vehicles in only four (4) hours! Last year, only sixteen (16) Gaylord boxes were filled and loaded into the RGI trailer. This year, Randy Clatterbuck, Landfill Supervisor, proudly loaded twenty (20) Gaylord boxes into the trailer. Once the trailer filled with electronics leaves the Landfill, it heads to a sorting facility where RGI separates them into categories. Items like computers are wiped clean of personal information, refurbished, and then sold in their Goodwill stores. Older computer items are packaged up for Dell to salvage any recyclable materials. Other electronics are sent to stores for a chance to sell. RGI has scrap partnerships for items that do not work and those items are pieced out. These partnerships allow for the proper disposal of harmful components, keeping our Landfill from being contaminated.

Pictured: M. Williams, LCC Coordinator

Youth volunteers help unload vehicles. Pictured L to R: I. Tolbert, S. Wilbanks, J. Hamilton, and N. Edelman.

This event would not be possible without the support of Randy Clatterbuck and the Landfill staff, Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, and the volunteers, especially those from the Orange County High School ’ s FFA, and the Orange County Youth Council.

Youth volunteers place new Gaylord containers. Pictured L to R: J. Hamilton, I. Tolbert, and C. Heiston

Full containers being loaded. Pictured L to R: A. McWilliams, C. Heiston, I. Tolbert, J. Hamilton, and R. Clatterbuck.

Page 3 | April, 2022

Page 4 | April, 2022

New Unionville Community Park is a Ringer for Small Gatherings

By: Orange County Communications Department

Orange County Parks & Recreation is pleased to announce that Unionville Community Park is available for rental by the public, effective April 2022. This new park features an outdoor shelter, six (6) picnic

tables, a portable restroom, and horseshoe pits! It is the perfect size for most outdoor small gatherings, such as birthday parties and baby showers. This park is located at 24250 Narrow Gauge Road, Unionville. It ’ s on the opposite side of Route 20 from the Unionville Solid Waste Collection Site, and is situated directly next to the Dollar General. The entrance to the park is off of Narrow Gauge Road (VA - 671). There is no Route 20 entrance. For years, Parks & Recreation has operated Barboursville Community Park near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 33. Also featuring an outdoor shelter, Barboursville has become incredibly popular with renters due to its convenient location and amenities. Some groups call every year to reserve it for family reunions. Parks & Recreation recognized the need for a similar facility on the eastern side of Orange County after receiving regular

Unionville Community Park features new horseshoe pits!

requests to use Booster Park for parties. Booster Park ’ s main function is to support youth sports activities; it is not available for small rentals. Unfortunately, there is no small shelter there (its pavilion is much larger than needed for most gatherings), and availability would be very limited due to the schedules of youth sports. The need for another shelter - rental opportunity became even clearer during the pandemic, as greater numbers of groups sought outdoor spaces to limit exposure. Unionville Community Park will be available for rental by the public on a first - come, first - served basis. The reservation fee for Unionville Community Park is $25 per day (daylight hours only). This is similar to the current fee schedule at Barboursville Community Park, although Barboursville offers electricity at the shelter for an additional $10 fee. Please note that electricity is not available at Unionville at this time, but is planned for the future. The horseshoe pits are available for use by renter groups without an additional charge if the group brings their own horseshoes. Alternatively, the group may check out a set of horseshoes from Parks & Recreation for a small additional $5 fee. For more details or to begin the process of reserving either Unionville or Barboursville Community parks, please contact Orange County Parks & Recreation at (540) 672 - 5435.

Page 5 | April, 2022

Visitor Center Volunteers Enjoy Gathering for Breakfast and Fellowship

By: Regan McKay, Economic Development and Tourism Assistant

The Orange County Department of Tourism was excited to host the Orange County Visitor Center volunteers for a morning breakfast on March 22, 2022. The goal was to bring the current volunteer staff together and let them know how much they are appreciated. After limited interactions for two (2) years due to the pandemic, everyone welcomed the opportunity to mingle. Gathering everyone together presented a great opportunity for volunteers to ask questions, and for staff to receive feedback about how the Visitor Center can better serve the greater community. The Orange County Visitor Center is located within the historic Orange Train Depot, at 122 East Main Street, Orange. It is one of very few visitor information centers in the Commonwealth that is staffed by volunteers. Currently, twenty - three (23) of these volunteers greet Orange County visitors with friendly faces and provide decades ’ worth of collective experience guiding travelers. Do you like helping people? Are you familiar with Orange County and its many great attractions? Consider becoming a Volunteer Travel Counselor! Becoming a volunteer at the Orange County Visitor Center can be a very rewarding experience and does not require an extreme time commitment. Volunteers are required to be available for just one (1) 4 - hour shift per month, but can be scheduled for additional openings if they choose. Interested? Contact Regan McKay at (540) 672 - 1238, or, for more information! The Department of Tourism would like to thank the Visitor Center volunteers for their continued support throughout the years, and is looking forward to a great year ahead!

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Page 8 | April, 2022

Reminder: What Citizens Should Expect During the Decennial Redistricting Process

By: Orange County Communications Department, Adapted from March 2022 Orange County Insight

Redistricting is the process of adapting voting district boundaries to better represent current populations based on the most recent census. Across all levels of government, voting districts determine for which candidates a citizen is eligible to vote, as well as which district they could represent if they chose to run for office. Orange County contains five (5) voting districts, each of which is represented by one (1) member of the Board of Supervisors.

The County submitted its new proposed districts and precincts following a February 8, 2022 public hearing. Once approved by the Office of the Virginia Attorney General, the County will prepare to hold upcoming elections using the new districts and precincts. This process requires that all registered voters receive updated voter registration documents, regardless of whether their district or precinct was changed during the redistricting process. To assist during this transition, the Orange County Office of Voter Registration & Elections webpage has resources available to help voters locate their proper district, precinct, and polling place, including an interactive map. Please note, district information will not be updated until final approval is received from the Office of the Attorney General. Orange County registered voters need not take any action at this time; simply be prepared to receive a new voter registration card via mail in the upcoming months. If you have questions, have changed your name or address, or would like to register to vote, please reach out to the Orange County Office of Voter Registration & Elections at (540) 672 - 5262.

Figure 1: Previous voting districts (purple lines) overlaid on new voting districts (colors). Compare the lines and colors to notice changes. Please be aware, a voter ’ s polling place may change even if their district remains the same.

Page 9 | April, 2022

Page 10 | April, 2022

Page 11 | April, 2022

Volunteer Firefighters Needed! Visit!

Page 12 | April, 2022

Orange County Receives Federal Funding to Facilitate Booster Park Repairs and Upgrades

By: Orange County Communications Department

Most Orange County residents with children recognize the important role played by Booster Park, operated by Orange County Parks & Recreation. It is the only public youth sports complex of its size in Orange County, and it plays host to hundreds of young baseball, softball, and soccer athletes every weekend during the spring and fall seasons. Originally built and formerly run by volunteer organizations, parents have brought their children to Booster for decades. It ’ s a great location to enjoy the greenspace, take a walk, play on the playground, or have a picnic and watch the colorful parachutes open as skydivers gracefully return to the ground. While focused on youth sports, Booster Park is also a community hub, in part due to its central and convenient location off of Route 20. For example, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank ’ s

Congresswoman Spanberger presents County officials with a check representative of the funding.

Mobile Food Pantry holds a distribution at the park every third Tuesday of the month. Each distribution provides food to hundreds of households. Booster Park is also an event center. While always scheduled around its primary role of supporting youth sports, it is still able to host multiple events throughout the year. These have included Halloween Movie Nights, Michael ’ s Mile Color Powder Fun Runs, Playin ’ in the Park Independence Celebrations, National Nights Out, and even outdoor job fairs. Parks & Recreation first assumed responsibility for Booster Park in January 2016 after receiving a request from Orange Youth Sports Foundation to relinquish operations to the County. This transfer was unexpected, but staff worked diligently to make repairs and preparations with limited resources to ensure youth sports would proceed uninterrupted that spring. It was a great success, and the park was proudly

opened on schedule, with staff receiving significant positive feedback about its condition. Since then, Parks & Recreation has continued to make sure Booster Park fields are mowed, dragged, and otherwise prepared for both practices and games. Despite these efforts, some projects have remained out of reach due to funding. Since inheriting the facility, the need for new fencing, an upgraded concession stand, and repaired practice facilities have been routinely recognized. The chain - link fences and backstops surrounding the baseball and softball fields are more than twenty (20) years old. They are broken, rusting, and curling upwards in several locations.

Orange County Parks & Recreation staff look forward to making the repairs and improvements to Booster Park.

Page 13 | April, 2022

Concession stands are typically great resources for park operators and youth sports leagues. Funds raised from concession sales are used to support the futures of both the programs and the facility, through revenue - sharing or concession lease agreements. Booster Park actually features a sizeable and well - equipped concession stand... with one important exception. It lacks a fire - suppression system, and has therefore been unavailable for use despite regular requests by park user groups. The final recognized need, repaired practice facilities and equipment, focuses on the former batting cage site near Field Two. Since the previous batting cage fell into disrepair, resources have not been available for a replacement.

Broken fencing was a key need identified in the Community Project Funding request.

These needs being ever - present in the minds of Parks & Recreation staff, they were excited to be made aware of federal funding opportunities available through “ Community Project Funding ” requests. Such requests are a refined form of the funding process often referred to as “ earmarking, ” so known because the process allows federal elected officials to include funding requests directly related to their district. However, it is much different than older versions of the practice. For example, all requests must align with an already existent grant program located in certain federal appropriations accounts. Furthermore, only states, localities, and non - profits are eligible to submit requests to their elected representatives. Representatives review the applications for alignment with grant opportunities and potential impact, and can seek the project ’ s inclusion in the federal funding process if they choose. The item is then included as part of a larger bill that must receive approval in the legislature (both the House of Representatives and the Senate), and be signed into law by the President. The process requires a lot of work and takes a significant amount of time. If successful, the applicant receives federal funding to complete their proposed project. Orange County is part of Virginia ’ s seventh congressional district, and our Representative is Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. Orange County Administration and Parks & Recreation staff worked together with members of the Congresswoman ’ s staff to quickly prepare an application which demonstrated the importance of Booster Park, and the need to address the aforementioned lingering concerns. The amount requested totaled $122,590. The proposal had wide - reaching and bipartisan support. Local elected officials, the Orange County Parks & Recreation Foundation, and multiple user groups contributed letters of support for inclusion in the application. This support is a testament to the importance of Booster Park, and exemplifies our community ’ s commitment to providing quality outdoor recreation for our children. Staff completed the application and submitted it to the Congresswoman ’ s office in early April 2021. It was a “ hurry up and wait ” moment for Orange County. The request was reviewed, approved, and included, along with nine (9) other projects from the 7th district, and included as part of the federal Fiscal Year 2022 Appropriations Package. Over nearly a year, it was adjusted in the legislature, passed in the House, passed in the Senate, and finally signed into law on March 15, 2022 as Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, H.R. 2471. Congresswoman Spanberger visited Booster Park a week later, on March 22, 2022 to present a check representative of the funds to Orange County officials. During remarks at this event, Tim Moubray, Parks & Recreation Director, noted the pandemic made the need for these improvements more immediate. “ People turned to the outdoors to see what was there …. and they found us. Everyone started to see the benefits of not just recreation, but outdoor recreation, ” said Moubray. Congresswoman Spanberger echoed the sentiment, “ the hope is that they [Orange County citizens] will never turn back, and [will] continue recognizing the incredible benefit that exists in this park and in this community. ” Work will soon begin to address the needs outlined in the proposal. Orange County Parks & Recreation anticipates completion of the work in the fall of this year, ensuring Booster Park will be a quality resource for years to come.

Page 14 | April, 2022

Local Youth Create Ads to Snuff Out Tobacco Use in Office on Youth ’ s Inaugural Take Down Tobacco Contest

By: Orange County Communications Department

The Orange County Office on Youth offers many grant - funded programs to expand the opportunities available to youth and families in our area. Some of these programs are supported by the Virginia

Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY). Established by the General Assembly, VFHY is responsible for statewide efforts to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use and childhood obesity. In accordance with that mission, the Office on Youth hosted their inaugural Take Down Tobacco Day Contest. This contest was created in response to increasing tobacco use, particularly of flavored products, among Orange County youth. It encouraged middle and high school aged students to create and submit original advertisements with messaging discouraging the use of tobacco products by young people. Entries were accepted February 14, 2022 through March 14, 2022. Those submitting entries were encouraged to be creative. Contest rules were very open - ended in regards to style, format, and medium. Organizers hoped to receive fifteen (15) entries, and were thrilled to exceed that goal by twenty percent (20%). A panel of four (4) judges reviewed each of the eighteen (18) submissions with an eye for message, creativity, presentation, and impact. The competition was very close in both the middle and high school divisions. So close, in fact, a tie resulted in two (2) high school winners being recognized. The winners were:

First Place Entry, Middle School Division Julia Painter, 8 th Grade, PHMS

th Grade, PHMS

First Place Entry (Tie), High School Division Nicholas Edelman, 12 th Grade, OCHS

Julia Painter, 8

th Grade, OCHS

Nicholas Edelman, 12

• th Grade, OCHS To help them continue to pursue their creative ambitions and education, each winner received an iPad Pro and a $250 scholarship to apply towards photography or video - editing software. The winners were invited to attend the Board of Supervisors ’ meeting on April 12, 2022, to be recognized for their achievement. John Mason Vines, 12 The organizers and judges were blown away by the creativity and effort demonstrated by contest participants. The Office on Youth plans to use many of the submitted advertisements to help combat youth tobacco use in Orange County.

First Place Entry (Tie), High School Division John Mason Vines, 12th Grade, OCHS

For more information about this and other grant - funded Office on Youth programs, please contact Ashley Jacobs at (540) 672 - 5484 or

Page 15 | April, 2022

Page 16 | April, 2022

Orange County Board of Supervisors Proclaims April Child Abuse Prevention Month

By: Ashley Jacobs, Office on Youth Program Coordinator

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Orange County ’ s Board of Supervisors has proclaimed April Child Abuse Prevention Month in Orange County. Recognizing the role we can all play in ensuring great childhoods for all children, Orange County ’ s Department of Social Services and Office on Youth are partnering to bring awareness locally following the proclamation by the Board. Child Abuse Prevention Month activities across the Commonwealth and in Orange County include awareness efforts with the support of “ Pinwheels for Prevention. ” The pinwheel is the shared symbol for child abuse prevention and reflects childhood hope, health, and happiness. County organizations and businesses have planted pinwheel “ gardens ” during the month of April to show Orange County ’ s commitment to preventing child abuse. If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected you can make a report to the Virginia Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 552 - 7096, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. If a child is in immediate danger, call 911. You are not required to give your name, but it may aid investigators.

For more information on child abuse prevention activities in Orange County, please contact Ashley Jacobs at the Orange County Office on Youth at (540) 672 - 5484 or via email:

Page 17 | April, 2022

Page 18 | April, 2022

Good Times Ahead! Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Community Events!

Historic Garden Week in Orange County

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Hosted by the Dolley Madison Garden Club, enjoy this opportunity to view some of the most beautiful private homes and gardens in Orange County.

For additional details, visit: - garden - week.html

Orange Uncorked Wine Festival

Saturday & Sunday, May 7 & 8, 2022

Hosted by the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, enjoy local wine, live music, great food, and unique artisans while overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For additional details, visit: - uncorked

Liberty Mills Strawberry Festival

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sample everything strawberry from strawberry sundaes, to strawberry salsa, and more. Visit with local vendors and participate in fun activities including a Berry Best Dressed Baby Contest!

For additional details, visit:

Town of Orange 150th Celebration

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Join the Town of Orange and celebrate their sesquicentennial! Planned events include a 5K run, a time capsule sealing, temporary historic kiosks, a festival, live music, and more!

For additional details, visit:

Orange County Fair

Wednesday - Saturday, June 22 - 25, 2022

The Orange County Fair is an annual fair held in Orange County, Virginia. It maintains a rural theme, with 4 - H exhibits, livestock, traditional stage shows, truck and tractor pulls, and fun for the whole family!

For additional details, visit:

Learn more about these and other events at:

Page 19 | April, 2022

Page 20 | April, 2022

Page 21 | April, 2022

Page 22 | April, 2022

Orange County Staff Aren ’ t Immune to Seasonal “ Madness, ” Display tons of spirit*

*Regardless of team performance...

They Made Me Wear This

Any year now...

Page 23 | April, 2022

Full - time Opportunities

Part - time Opportunities

Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Child Care Lead Teacher – LGPS Child Care Site Manager – GBES Custodian Deputy Sheriff – Patrol Emergency Communications Officer

Airport Operations CSR / Technician Animal Caretaker Child Care Lead Teacher – GBES, OES Child Care Substitute Teacher – LES / LGPS Child Care Teacher – GBE, LES, LGPS Child Care Teacher Assistant – All Sites Collection Site Attendant Library Aide – Gordonsville Library

Firefighter / EMT Firefighter / Medic Wellness Program Manager

Page 24 | April, 2022

Page 25 | April, 2022

Orange County Public Schools Calendar 2021 - 2022

Link to Calendar

Page 26 | April, 2022

Page 27 | April, 2022

Citizens Ask...

By Michelle Williams

Q: My neighbor ’ s chickens keep coming into my yard. Does the County have an ordinance regarding chickens? A: No. At this time, there is no ordinance regarding chickens running at - large. If you experience this issue, you may contact Animal Control for advice at (540) 672 - 1200. Q: Why do I need to file for high mileage discount every year? A: The amount of discount applied to the assessment is calculated according to the year of the vehicle, the make and the amount of mileage. In order to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of relief available, the Commissioner of the Revenue ’ s Office requires a yearly update of information.

Rosanna Zamudio

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Parks & Recreation Administrative Assistant

When registering for a program, renting a park shelter, or buying a discounted ticket from Parks & Recreation, it is likely a citizen will first interact with Rosanna Zamudio, the department ’ s Administrative Assistant. She has been with Orange County since the summer of 2015, and has made a great impact in both the Parks & Recreation and Office on Youth departments. Parks & Recreation Director, Tim Moubray, noted, “ she exemplifies great customer service both to citizens and her coworkers. ” She loves to brighten spirits, often through sweet treats for the office. In fact, Rosanna said her favorite work

memory was mailing a cheesecake (from Cheesecakes by Alex in Greensboro, NC) back to the office while on her way to Texas for vacation. This cake converted one of her coworkers, a cheesecake hater, into a cheesecake lover! Truly, her cup of ideas runneth - over, and she has regularly inspired new programs like the Gingerbread House Contest.

Indeed, Rosanna loves a contest and is always a fierce competitor! Her leadership, creativity, and organization led the Office on Youth to three (3) consecutive first place finishes in the OCPR Office Costume Contest (2016 - 2018)! Rosanna works part - time for Orange County, but fills her off - hours spoiling her grandkids as a full - time “ Ya - ya. ” She ’ s been accused of living a “ rock - star ” lifestyle by coworkers due to her frequent attendance of Garth Brooks concerts and Nationals ’ baseball games. Thank you Rosanna!

Page 28 | April, 2022

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Rocket Brave, protective, scared, shy, playful, affectionate, curious, independent, friendly, and gentle are all words that describe 8 - month - old Rocket. Rocket came to the Shelter with apparent wounds from possible bot fly larvae. He was in desperate need of medical attention, and some TLC. He needs a special family to give him lots of love, affection, and time to overcome his need to go into “ I AM BIG AND SCARY ” mode. Being so young, and needing to act like a big cat in a scary world, has left Rocket lacking trust. Rocket is neutered and has been made current on all vaccines. Rocket ’ s full bio is available on Petfinder. If interested, please go to the Orange County website, fill out the preadoption application, and email it to the Director at

Visit us on Facebook Find Adoptable Pets (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

Find your new best friend at The Orange County Animal Shelter

Page 29 | April, 2022

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