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competency based employee development Sajiri Chidgupkar and Monimoy Sen Gupta, working as Management Associates, in Geometric Ltd, have done their masters in HR from IMED, Pune and currently handling a gamut of activities arraying Organizational Development InterventionsandotherDevelopmentalinitiativesasapartofCapabilityBuildingFunction. Sajiri Chidgupkar, Monimoy SenGupta

Keeping the above two definitions in mind we have tried to list down certain steps which might be used to work towards conducting a pilot and then institutionalize competency based employee development. 1. The background a. Identify a champion,target employees and structural framework for an employee development process. b. Assess the need for a competency development process; get an estimate for the organization’s competency needs. c. Complete employee competency assessments and define estimates of target employees’competency acquisition needs (a SWOT of the target group’s competencies). 2. The plan and implementation a. Understand the target groups“personal aspirations”. b. Develop a plan for implementation of the competency based employee development services. c. Brief all stake holders and obtain resource support to implement the start-up process plan. d. Create a steering committee (there should be representatives fromall stake holders). e. Implement and evaluate the start-up process. 3. The followup a. Make case studies of the implementation and spread the learning’s amongst the stake holders. b. Institutionalize the learning and take the process to a larger group.

VIRTUAL TEAMS : THE CORE OF WORLD CLASS COMPANIES founder’s note Niket Karajagi A globally integrated yet a locally strong organization, creates a World Class Company. In line with my last article on World Class Companies I am now taking up the discussion of Virtual Teams as a focal point for this issue. A Virtual Team comprises of people across the globe connected to each other,over a technology backbone.This could be a combination of Internet, Video based interactions and other means of knowledge transactions spread over multiple time zones. The aspect of cross cultural sensitivity and awareness of technology thus plays a key role for success of these teams. Virtual Teams are ideal for project situations and cross functional teams. The key distinguishing factor here is that in physically collocated teams interaction levels are high and thus bonding and chemistry can be created.However in virtual teams themembersmay not have met and yet they have to work effectively. As the members on the virtual networks are mostly experts in their own domain, organizations find this arrangement to be effective. Everyone today is talking about competency based development. Here is our attempt and version of what can be competency based development. Let’s start fromthebeginning,i.e.themeaningof competency .There are many definitions of competency doing rounds, for the article we’ll look at competency as a trait or characteristic that allows an individual to successfully accomplish work or task assigned. These characteristics comprise of individual’s skills, knowledge and attributes.The traits are known as competency only and only if they allow or result in superior performance. The next question is often asked why use competency as the predictor of performance why not simply look at the individual’s performance? Well the answer is simple while in the short term which might mean in the current role the performance of the individual might be a good indicator but for future performance competency is not only a better option but more often than not the only option. The reason being that; people perform tasks or jobs using their competency to achievedesired results.Whilework or jobs might change, competencies are of more enduring nature and immune to change in the job or work context. To summarize competencies are what individuals use to perform successfully and without it consistent performance is not possible. Now that we have attempted to state the meaning of competency we take on our next important phrase“ employee development ”. It is the pursuit of any activity that leads to continuous learning, personal growth, which contributes to the achievement of both an individual’s and their employer’s or organization’s objective(s) on the longer term.

The above piece is a product of our experience,reading and bit of our naïve imagination.

Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions.Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes

Virtual Teams are spread across continents and normally follow a Matrix based structure.The entry and exist of teammembers has to be properly planned and a culture common to all has to be evolved.The key success factor is defining the key objectives, deliverables and rules of conduct.The main failure cause identified is absence of commonly accepted code of conduct and cross cultural assumptions. As Virtual Teams have experts located across the globe, it is the most efficient way of utilizing talent across different locations and countries to achieve specific business objectives. These teams improve productivity, quality, reduce costs of projects and also provide a great learning experience. Should you thus be evolving as a World Class Organization having “Virtual Ready Teams” then surely you are on the path of success. Do talk to your people and find out how the concept of Virtual Teams can make your organization a productiveWorld Class Organization.

There aremanywho talk ofmaking it big in life and then there are otherswhomake it big. Peoplewho talk big are great visionarieswho seek an easyway out & thus get nowhere. Peoplewhomake it big are great visionarieswho arewilling to pay a price for the success they seek.Putting vision to action inspite of failures is the key to success.

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