Superior Health Centers - September 2019

SEPTEMBER 2019 Providing Better Treatments for You WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO

W elcome to our first newsletter! Every month, Superior Health Centers will send this out to share the importance of what we do, the significance of our philosophy, and how we help every person who comes into our center. We offer our patients a variety of treatments, practices, and professionals the moment they walk through our doors. Superior Health Centers houses a number of practitioners, such as MDs, health coaches, chiropractors, and nurses, which makes it possible to offer a variety of services that fit the unique needs of our patients. We specialize in providing nonsurgical and medication-free treatments to patients looking for better and more efficient solutions. Each of our practitioners takes a whole-body approach to health. We have the ability to give the exact treatment each patient needs to alleviate and prevent the pain they are experiencing. Our doctors don’t just treat symptoms; they focus on the source of the problem for long-term pain relief. Our top services are neuropathy care and regenerative medicine. People who have diabetes, have arthritis, are recovering from injuries, or suffer from chronic pain can benefit immensely from these services. Our researched-backed treatments include regenerative medicine and stem cells, electric

therapy, light therapy, pulse wave therapy and chiropractic adjustments.

Peripheral neuropathy is something we treat on a regular basis.This condition is caused when the nerves in a person’s feet, hands, legs and arms begin to send incorrect signals to the brain.These “misfires” result in symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling and “electric shocks.”There are many types of neuropathy, and Superior Health Centers’ treatments focus solely on peripheral neuropathy or “nerve damage.”The diagnosis of this condition can be difficult, as many of the symptoms are caused by underlying diseases. The health professionals practicing at Superior Health Centers know a number of treatments for neuropathy and arthritis.The goal is to return feeling to the portion of the body that is experiencing numbness, burning, or tingling and to relieve the joint pain associated with arthritis. If you know anyone suffering from pain, we encourage you to call our offices today to speak to one of our doctors. Our goal is to save as many people as possible from the crippling effects of peripheral neuropathy and the conditions associated with it. Our mission is to transform lives, one patient at a time.



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