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To start usng the app, follow the following three steps:

1. From your phone or tablet, download the ForeTees ClubCentral app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. Once downloaded, open the app to generate a one time login by clicking on “email me my credentials”.

3. Enter the one time login into the app, and you are all set!


FACEBOOK: /wilmingtoncountryclub

INSTAGRAM: @wilmingtoncc1901

If you have questions regarding your emails, the mobile app, or social media, please contact: Meghan Spero mspero@wilmingtoncc.com



Have you tried our evening take-out service yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on fantastic entrees and specials. Our daily email is sent out at 4:00pm each afternoon with the take-out menu and specialty entree of the evening.

Ordering of take-out is best accomplished by calling 302- 655-6171 ext. 1427.

As a reminder, beer and wine are also available for take-out purchase.



WCC is now offering your favorite grocery staples for take- out! Groceries are based upon availability and can be picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2:00 – 7:00pm. All orders must be placed by 2:00pm the day prior to pick up. When you arrive at the Club to pick up your order, please call 302-655-6171 ext. 1427 to have your order brought to your car.

WCC groceries include veggies, fruits, cheese, milk, breads, chicken, beef and fish.



Golf Course Notes

We are continuing to take tee times for the golf course and practice facility. Practice facility reservations are for players coming only to hit range balls. Reservations are not needed for warming up prior to your round, which is now limited to 15 minutes. Reservations are not required for the short game practice area or putting green. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your tee time to warm up. Players warming up for their round should use one of the eight spaces on the front end of the range. Players coming only to practice should use the back of the range and make a reservation. The practice range closes at 7 p.m. each day except Wednesday and Sunday. The practice range closes at 5 p.m. every Wednesday and Sunday. Schedule this week Today - North Course Open / South Course opens at 2 p.m. Tuesday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 2 p.m. Wednesday - North Course Open / South Course opens at 2 p.m. Thursday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 2 p.m. Beginning Friday, May 15th, Cart and Carry rules will apply on the South Course. Prior to 2 p.m., players on the South Course must utilize a golf cart or trolley. If a cart or trolley is not available players may walk and pay the trail fee.

Schedule Beginning Friday, May 15th: Friday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 10 a.m.

Saturday - South & North Course Open Sunday - South & North Course Open

Monday - North Course Open / South Course opens at 12 noon Tuesday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 12 noon Wednesday - North Course Open / South Course opens at 12 noon Thursday - South Course Open / North Course opens at 12 noon

GROUNDS MESSAGE Tee Time Etiquette During this time, we are encouraging members to pair up with other members they may not ordinarily play with. It is always a good idea to communicate with one another. If you are adding yourself to a tee time with another member, kindly send that member a note to let them know you have added to their time. If for any reason you have made a tee time and need to remove a member, of course send them a note before doing so. If you need help contacting another member, you can watch this short tutorial HERE. Online Golf Shop The Online Golf Shop is open and available for any items needed (link HERE). Password for the website is ‘tradition1901’. Pick up times for Golf Shop items are 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. When you arrive at the Club to pick up your order, please call 302-655-6171 ext. 1427 to have your order brought to your car. Hopefully this weekend’s near record lows are behind us and ground temperatures can normalize to provide growth to our playing surfaces. With this in mind, we are slicing our greens this week to provide some oxygen exchange. Today and tomorrow, we are using our planet air walk- behind machines to “knife” the green surfaces that cuts lateral growth to produce a finer textured surface and less thatch. This task will be accomplished on the South today, while we conduct the same operation on the North greens tomorrow.

We are following this up with an application of potash, a necessary soil amendment that increases the plants tolerance to extreme temperatures, drought and high-traffic wear.

As the tennis project continues to move forward, the site contractor returned towards the end of last week to begin their phase of installing drain pipes around the new building. Tomorrow, we finish the outflow of this piping network to the lower reservoir and install drainage stone. There is a lot of rock unearthed during the construction of the new racquets shop that will be used for this and other areas for drainage in the future.

Jon Urbanski Director of Golf Courses & Grounds


10 Ways to Improve Mental Toughness and Focus on the Tennis Court Ed McQuillin, Racquets Director

#3 Positive Self-Talk and Physical Rehearsal

• Positive self-talk and proper physical rehearsal are two key elements to better performance, confidence, and focusing on the tennis court. Many players after missing a shot will say a negative comment about the missed shot or themselves. It is much more productive to properly shadow practice the shot you just missed and use terms like “Let’s get this next point” or “Let’s go”. You can also have a positive discussion with yourself about what to do next time when you encounter the shot just missed. This internal discussion can be in terms of technique or strategy and then think about what to do to win the next point. • How often have we stepped to the baseline to serve and thought to not hit a double fault. These negative thoughts may produce negative results since your mind registers double fault through this type of thinking. Think positive thoughts about specific tactics that you can employ to win the next point. For example, when playing the net repeat the phrase “To the T”. This phrase means if I receive a volley, I will win the point by aiming to the T, the space where the service line meets the center service line. During the time in between points repeat phrases or words that will help you direct your shots and perform better. • Using positive self-talk and physical rehearsal will improve your performance by keeping the negative non constructive thoughts out of your mind. You might even find it fun to have a continuous conversation with yourself during the match.

Picking Up Tennis Balls without touching with your hand. A famous tennis coach once said that you can always determine the level of a tennis player by the method they pick up a tennis ball. • Players beginning the game of tennis pick up the ball with their hand. By avoiding this method you will practice safe hygiene and appear to be a stronger tennis player. • Intermediate tennis players pick up the tennis ball by placing the ball between your racquet and the outside of your foot. Pick up both the racquet and foot at the same time and the ball with pop up off the ground. • Advanced players pick up the tennis ball by quickly bouncing their tennis racquet with short down strokes on the ball. You may choose to shorten up your grip on the racquet. Once the ball lifts or bounces off the ground scoop the ball up.

Practice these techniques at home or on the court and other players will think you’re an advanced player.

A Few Reminders for Safe Play

SOCIAL DISTANCING • Court reservation times are staggered to adhere to the spirit of social distancing. • You will be expected to adhere to your beginning and ending time. • When changing sides, please utilize opposite ends of the net. • When playing doubles, please keep 6 feet apart from your partner. • There is to be no gathering or assembly for socializing before, during and after play. TRANSFERENCE • Wash your hands or utilize hand sanitizer before and after play. • Do not share equipment and wipe down racquets, etc following play. • Use at least two cans of tennis balls. Please put your initials on three of the tennis balls and use only your balls while serving.


Quote of the Week “What is the key to eating healthy? Avoid any food that has a TV commercial.” Staff “Happy Hour” The fitness staff has been holding Zoom “Happy Hours” to share what we are doing to keep fit and healthy, what we are doing for members to keep you fit and healthy, and to share the camaraderie we have as your fitness team! It makes us happy helping you be fit and healthy so be on the lookout for key messages in Weekly Updates to come! If you have something you would like to share that you are doing to keep fit and healthy, please send to fitnesscenter@wilmingtoncc.com How to Exercise in a Global Pandemic Mary Green, WCC Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Enjoy the benefits of being outside and use physical distancing to push yourself when exercising outdoors! When you’re out for a run/jog/walk, see if you can increase your physical distance from 6 feet to 8 feet or more. The next thing you know, you could make that 1 mile easily turn into 1.2, 1.5, 2 or 3 miles over time without even realizing it. When you make working out sort of like a game, you are thinking less of the exercise you are doing and more about “winning” the next challenge at hand. It’s good for your physical and mental health!

Did You Know? A History of Yoga Facts Here are a few amazing facts about yoga: o Yoga is over 5,000 years old o

Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “union” It is estimated that 36 million Americans practice yoga Yoga is being discussed as a possible future Olympic event There are 19 different types of yoga and 66 official yoga postures

o o


Fitness Thought for the Week Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity - John F. Kennedy

Three Fitness Trends Fueled by Physical Distancing Here is a sample of the top fitness trends around the world, gleaned from Elle.com: Micro-HIIT- while the suggested HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) protocol is 20 minutes 3 times per week, any opportunity to fit in one, two, or three minutes of HIIT, while you wait for your coffee to brew or between Zoom chats can add to your overall physical activity throughout the day. The shorter your HIT burst the closer to maximum at near maximum intensity you should strive for to get the greatest benefit. For an example of movements you can do at home, click here. 1. 2. The TreeWorkout- there are somany health benefits to exercising outdoors, (safely) affix your TRX, bands, or tubing to a large enough tree trunk, limb, or branch to complete your bodyweight exercises while getting fresh air. Try to rotate movements from each of these categories: hip hinge, squat, lunge, upper body pull, upper body push, brace, and rotate. For examples of TRX exercises, please click here. Working Out in Your Own Home- there are now fantastic selections for indoor motivational programming for bikes and treadmills, boxing, and personal training. Industry leader Peloton no longer offers their workout bikes for use in fitness centers, but their home market is expanding to include 48 classes a day and a library of thousands of on- demand classes, led by motivating instructors recorded in a group exercise type class setting (their bikes and treadmills both receive high marks for features and motivation). Other technology-driven recommendations include the Exercise Mirror for personal training and Tonal for a great home gym workout. For a review of the latest technology, including features and recommendations based on goals, click here! 3.

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