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Promise Law Post The Importance of a Great Colleague Happy One-Year Anniversary to Elizabeth Bircher!

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February 2019

If you read the January edition of my newsletter, then you know that in high school I took a class that allowed me to get my certification as a nursing assistant. The time I spent in the hospital working

with patients was and still is one of

the most pivotal experiences I’ve had. While I learned a lot of poignant lessons during those adolescent years, perhaps the most important takeaway was how valuable it is to be able to work alongside great colleagues. In those early days at the hospital, I learned how important it was to share a workspace with people who were eager to offer advice and mentorship or brainstorm with me whenever an issue arose. Especially when it came to overseeing a person’s health, I felt fortunate to be surrounded by great colleagues and mentors who genuinely cared about my progress and were also passionate about the work they did and the patients they helped. If you’ve ever worked in a place where your bosses or peers don’t want to be bothered, then you know how much of a difference it makes to be surrounded by support and sincerity. I’m lucky to have worked alongside some great colleagues, but ever since Elizabeth Bircher joined Promise Law last year, I’ve never felt more fortunate. In fact, this month marks her one-year anniversary with our firm, and I am thrilled to be working with her. While our professional relationship began in February 2018, we’ve known each other since law school at William & Mary, where we were

classmates in an Elder Law course. In that class, I saw firsthand Elizabeth’s positivity, intellect, and interest in this subject area. In the years following graduation, we continued to see one another in the same small circle of attorneys who do this work, and whenever her name came up in my conversations with others in the field, everyone held her in high esteem. A couple years ago, Elizabeth and I ended up working on a case together. I was representing a client seeking a guardianship, and Elizabeth was serving as the guardian ad litem. This meant she was appointed to look after the best interests of the person who was incapacitated and report back to the court with her suggestions. This case gave us the opportunity to work closely together. You’ll often find that, especially in fictional depictions, attorneys working in different roles on a case are viewed in a “your side vs. my side” dichotomy. In reality, good attorneys work together to find the best outcome for their client. Elizabeth exemplified this as she sought to understand and articulate the incapacitated person’s concerns while working cooperatively with the other attorneys

involved to find a resolution. While I’ve always regarded her as a

compassionate and hardworking lawyer, when she joined Promise Law last year, I was inspired — she embodies the type of colleague who, for my entire career, I’ve enjoyed being around. That holds true from my first encounters in the hospital as a nursing assistant. I am always able to approach her for advice when I have a complex case, and I know she will give me good, honest feedback. She is not only an exceptional attorney; Elizabeth is an authentically good person — a characteristic that matters to me. With her on the team, I don’t worry a bit if I have to be out of the office because I know that any client who works with her will receive an accurate assessment of their issues, along with workable options to help them move forward. If you see Elizabeth around the office, be sure to wish her a happy anniversary. We are so grateful to have her on our team!

-Geneva Perry | 1

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