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The Transition Into Fall

As much as I love to get out into nature, Maryland summers mean I tend to spend a little more time inside than I do outside. But come fall, that changes. When the weather cools down and the days get shorter, I like to start hiking again. One of my favorite local places to hike is Cromwell Valley Park, which is where you’ll find Willow Grove Nature Center. It’s not far from the office, and it’s always a great place to take the kids so they can run around and explore. I like Cromwell Valley Park because it has well-maintained trails that weave in and out of the surrounding forest. You never really have to worry about uneven trails or surprises along the away, which makes it even better for kids. The fall also means apple picking and pumpkin patches, two things my kids really love to do. The kids love eating apples off the trees, and we usually get a bunch of apples to take home and use however we want. While pumpkins aren’t quite as useful, you can be sure we’ll have some in time for Halloween next month. Getting out in the fall also means taking in all the vibrant colors. We are fortunate to live in an area where all four seasons are so prominent, and it’s nice to watch as the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, and red over a span of several weeks. It adds a spot of color that’s often missing during the rest of the year. Plus, I love to feel the cool air after a hot summer because it means you can spend more time outdoors in the afternoon!

In the office, we also experience something of a seasonal transition. A lot of people are getting back to work and into the swing of things again. After a summer filled with vacations and breaks, people buckle down and get to work, and more often than not, this includes construction projects. We often get more phone calls in the fall for construction projects. People are running into various issues or noticing things that are just now crossing their desk. Generally, it's payment disputes, but there’s really no shortage of issues that can crop up on a construction project. For me personally, I’ve had various transitions over the course of my career. One big change was moving from litigating to building up a practice. It was challenging to make that transition because I have a very particular way I litigate, so it was something I found difficult to delegate to others.

That was something I had to learn as a professional: how to delegate casework while building a practice and still providing high-quality work. As challenging as it was, I found a way to balance it all. I still wouldn’t call it easy, but it has gotten easier, and I have been able to delegate while maintaining the high standards our clients expect.

-Jeremy Wyatt

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