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February/March 2020

Date Night My Best (and Worst) Dates Ever

B ack when I was dating, I was lucky to not have too many terrible first date stories. The worst dates I’ve ever been on were the kind of dates where we didn’t have anything in common. My date was always very nice, but we couldn’t find any common ground. It was all small talk with lots of dead space in between questions and answers. I found myself looking at the clock, not wanting to be rude but wondering how long I had to wade through awkward silences until we could finally part ways. All of the best dates I’ve had were with my wife. Laura and I enjoyed many good dates before we were married and plenty of great dates after. The best date we ever went on was actually an extended trip. Laura and I took a road trip up the coast to Seattle with Laura’s best friend, Shannon, and Shannon’s boyfriend. The road trip was made up of a lot of fun dates, as we made plenty of stops and camped along the way. Shannon’s family lived on Hat Island, one of the little islands off the coast of Seattle. We stayed there and got to spend a day in the city. That was a really cool experience.

After we got married and the kids came along, date nights became much harder to come by. A lot of parents out there can relate to the struggle of juggling work, school functions, and child care. I thought it would get easier as the kids got older, but somehow, we have even less time! We have after-school activities, sporting events, and projects all over the calendar. It’s important for couples to have date nights, so Laura and I try to work around everything else. If we can get out together once a month, it’s a success. Of course, with Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re really working to make that extra effort. Laura and I never go out on Valentine’s Day. It’s always so crowded, and most restaurants have fixed menus that night. I like to get my wife flowers on Valentine’s Day, but when it comes to our date, we usually aim for the weekend before the holiday so we can avoid the crowds. This is usually a far more pleasant experience for us. My favourite date nights with Laura are when we go out to dinner and then walk down to the beach. A lot of people like movie dates, but that’s never been my thing. I like connecting with the person I’m with and catching up. I want to give them my undivided attention. In my opinion, a great conversation is the sign of a good match. So, it’s no surprise that Laura and I have had so many great conversations. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. If you’re in a relationship, I hope you and your partner spend the holiday doing what you enjoy most. And if you’re single, I hope Valentine’s Day doesn’t end with a new bad first date story!

–Julian Manrique

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